All that's left is the sweating and the grunting

Well after the prospective buyers of our house took 11 days longer than originally expected to secure financing, our move is finally seeming more permanent. The last few days have been one setback and resolution after another. We found out on Tuesday afternoon that the financing had finally gone through for the buyers, and to feel free to pay a security deposit on a lease. The first task was to secure our financing to pay the shortage in the sell price for the commission. We were (I was) infuriated with the difficulty to find a personal loan for a reasonable rate. Citifinancial wanted to charge us mafioso-like 27 percent. I made her repeat herself to make sure I was hearing it right twice. We could get break if we secured the personal with our car down to only 19 percent. Bank of America wouldn’t send out replacement checks for a credit card offer, which would have been only 4.7 percent, but of course they refused to help. My credit union however came through in the end with a nice rate at that 5.7 percent, and we don’t even have to worry Mafia Sgarrista coming by.

Having our finances ready for closing, we took the kids to Des Moines to make our final decision on where we going to live. We visited the house we saw, and Somber got to see the 3BR house in West Des Moines. She was however turned off my the owner’s attachment to the house. They lived in the house for 8 years, and still seemingly thought of the house as their home, not as a rental. Somber perceived it was going to be a real problem in the future, and almost immediately vetoed that place.

At that point, we had settled on Nottingham Square townhouses in Urbandale. They had semi-guaranteed that a house would be available for us when last we talked to them 5 days before. I called them only to discover that there were no townhouses left (even though there were apparently a number of them available 5 days prior). Feeling totally screwed at that point without a place to stay for our move in 10 days. We re-opened the rental house search. I called 15-20 properties, and the only got one person the first time. (who wanted to rent the upstairs and live in our basement, I don’t think so) We finally got one return phone call only to be presented with a totally unprepared house that had been treated very roughly by former tenants — roof falling in, doors hanging on the hinges, and price way too high.

At that point, we decided to risk future possible problems, and rent the house in WDM. I think we made the right decision based upon the speed in which we had to make the decision and the information available to use. Going back to PM’ing the moving process and TQB model, time was about 90, budget was 70, and quality was about 40. The rest of the calls returned the calls today, but at that point it was too late. All that’s left is sweating and grunting in filling up the reserved U-hauls. West Des Moines here we come…

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