The mucho sweating and some grunting is over

Well this should make it official. While there is still boxes to be unpacked, the Move is over. Somber’s dad and I packed the truck by ourselves on Friday last week. It took us basically 5 hours to load the trucks, and then we had to clean the house. We stayed over night at the motel, which Somber and I stayed at when we first moved to Fort Dodge. It took a full 26′ and 14′ U-haul, but we got them packed on the way.

On an aside, Uhaul, despite all the poor experiences on the web, had no problems as far as I was concerned, and had 2 functional trucks waiting for us at 8:00 am. The trucks were even rain proof to withstand a pretty good t-storm that rolled through Friday night.

Unloading the trucks on Saturday was delayed by the former residents not being out yet. They were apparently being pushed out by the landlords to accomodate our move schedule. (which in the end got zapped by the buyer’s delay to hopefully closing July 7) I wish the selling process would have gone as smooth as the moving process. We had help on Saturday from two of my co-workers, Marc and Kevin. With their help, we were able to unload the truck in less than 2 hours. Since then we have had the water and the power switch over to our name. Today, we had Mediacom arrive today to hook us up with cable modem and tv (free for 3 months). I must say it is a LOT faster than our access with Woolstock Wireless.

Well my back still hurts and getting up is uncomfortable, but I am still glad to be here. (no matter what my landlord may or may not charge us for when we leave in a year.

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