Exploit Release: Windows 2000 Utility Manager all in one Exploit (MS04-019)

K-OTik : Windows 2000 Utility Manager all in one Exploit (MS04-019)

** [Crpt] Utility Manager exploit v2.666 modified by kralor [Crpt] ** ******************************************************************************************* ** It gets system language and sets windows names to work on any win2k 😛 ** ** Feel free to add other languages 🙂 ** ** v2.666: added autonomous (allinone) remote exploitation system 😉 ** ** It can be executed through poor cmd.exe shells (like nc -lp 666 -e cmd.exe from a ** ** normal user account). Must be called with an argument (any argument) ** ** You know where we are.. ** *****C*****O*****R*****O******M******P*****U*******T*******E******R*****2***0***0***4**** ******************************************************************************************/ /* original disclaimer */ //by Cesar Cerrudo sqlsec>at

Well not an exploit that would cause a lot of damage by itself only providing for security elevation. It is still valid to note it could be combined with another, but highly unlikely since there are other easier ways to get system level elevation to a Windows box.

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