How spent my summer vacation – losing!

This post might be more travelogue or “how I spent my summer vacation” report, but I thought it time to post how I am doing on my weightloss journey. The trip seems to work very well in detailing on how to live on Atkins. The story also seemingly ends very bad. Then in a very surprise O. Henry moment the story twists to end well.

We left more than a hour late on Saturday (what family of 6 doesn’t) to start our trip (about 3 hours with bathroom breaks) with a car full of junk food. My solace was previous late night trip for Chicken Breast deli slices, Swiss, pepperoni and Wells Carb Freedom yogurt (5g). We stopped early and often along with way with two five year old girl’s bladders in the car. The trip lengthened in pain when we realized we forgot my laptop charger, so the movie (and attention grabbing) diversion was short-lived with the battery life.

With the help of our in-car GPS software on my PDA (minus one attached GPS), we made it safely. Before I continue, I feel I must account for the geekiness of the trip (gps software, laptops, and PDAs – OH MY!! ), but a job in the computer field has to have some benefits with the long weekend hours. As the kids rush us to the entrance gate in a very Grisworld-like Vacation moment, we fail to check the camera for batteries, which were at the moment packed away. We also discovered one of the 5 year old twins (fraternal — but still!) required full admission price while the other still qualifies for junior rate. They’re within a 1/2 inch of each other in height.

Being surrounded by junk food at the park and partially tempted by old eating patterns all day, I think I did amazingly well. In the 9 hours at the park, I had a ton of water and chipotle chicken salad (in the world of this food cart vendor “chipotle” meant drenched Louisana hot sauce). Now for the relevant part of the story with the original post, I made it on all the rides I tried and was not turned away once for being a “person of size” in SouthWest airline speak. My boy, who is 7 and initially was timid about going on pretty tame ride, even ventured on the tall wooden rollercoaster, the TimberWolf, with me.

This was the ride I was most worried about being rejected on that day. I initially got a glimmer of hope when another bigger guy was in the cart before us. I shoved down the restraint and heard one click, but trying for ultimate ride safety, I shoved even harder and managed one more click. So being two clicks from certain death, I was reasonably assured Atkins WOE prevented any humiliation. (Brett made it through the ride with flying colors as I kept reminding him his older sister didn’t dare to come — never hurts to play to a kid’s sibling competition to get through a task ).

In the end, we walked a lot around the park. The kids were thoroughly tired and couldn’t even stay for fireworks. Although initially covered in Sun block creme, we all got a bit sun burnt as well.

After swimming and visiting the KC zoo (more walking) the next day, we started the trek home. About a hour and half later, we stopped for supper at a small town restaurant. The meal was exorbitant (no prices available beforehand), so I left stewing in the car after paying the bill. Thinking more about bill calculations than driving, I backed up into another car. !@&!@#^ Small town, local plates, and out of town driver seemed like a recipe for disaster albeit we just scraped bumpers. I went inside immediately to find the owner of the other vehicle. Found him and brought him outside to survey the “damage” — the older gentlemen actually laughed. His car was a semi-old car with rust spots.

He said, “you came in to tell me about that? Heck that’s nothing. Look at this ding on the bumper. Don’t worry about it.” Well fortunate that the other owner was uninterested in the new application of grey paint to his car, I was still peeved at my driving and the gouge in my bumper. Whether due to this new stress or the dinner we just had, I got feeling sick with over a hour to go. We made it home just in time for me.

After unloading the car concluded, I went upstairs to see what the other damage of the weekend and the possible overeating (I had Wendy’s Triple no bun and a ton of dry chicken and roast beef for supper) was for the weekend. I approached the scale with much trepidation (probably more than I had bringing my son to the TimberWolf). I hopped on, and it read

over 2 pounds less!!!

Woohoo!! I am down about 65 pounds now in 3 months of Atkins Diet. I started this WOE (Way of Eating) weighing in at 411 on 03-31-04 (just after returning home from Brainshare). On the scale this morning, I am still at 347, but being down 65 pounds in 93 days is great. If you want to see my ongoing loss, here is my Fitday page.

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    So……where did you go?

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