Family and Atkins

Reposted from my ADBB forum post about how your family can react and perceive you under Atkins:

We drove home late last night after a busy day at the aquatic center, visiting relatives, and rousing game of Monopoly. With it being so late, my wife was sure she had to stay awake and keep me company for the 4 hour drive home. Some of the topics were of course Atkins, my brother’s loss on Atkins, and how my inlaws’ house has not adjusted to my being on Atkins yet. (They still have case after case of Diet Dew in basement, as my wife says, “because you scared her never to be caught without it.” Alright I admit it I was not a happy camper when out of DD)

In our discussions over this WOE, she made the comment during the first month of Atkins she really thought we were going to break up. “I thought you fell out of love with me. You were so moody. … You wouldn’t even hold my hand on the way to the airport to Vegas.” She hated Atkins for what it was doing my and our happiness together. The 18 pounds (at that point) was not worth the strife.

In her mind the turning point was our trip to Vegas. She thought a lot of the moodiness went away at that point. I was absolutely flabbergasted or as Richt would say “gobsmacked.” I knew I had been irritable and hating my choices and some of things I had lost, but I had nover heard these feelings from Laura yet. At the time, it seemed I couldn’t just do anything. Everything seemed to be a chore — I couldn’t just glide by. Amazing what having to give up frozen pizza and diet dew will mess with one’s attitude on life. My first post seems to betray none of that moodiness, but I certainly remember it well. I was certainly not however contemplating my wife’s efficacy as a mate or questioning my love to her.

I apologized for whatever impressions or outward appearance I might have had during the dark weeks. (When all else fails, apologize to your wife unlike the current “Thank you” Citibank ads Smile.) This is the real reason for the post – I am sure my wife had no idea what really induction flu moodiness looked like. Forewarn spouses of the irritability is not their fault and if necessary just keep their distance to avoid hurt feelings. I believe if she had known it was going to be over soon he attitude might have been different. but I can see how a perceived lifetime of moodiness would seem well unattractive. Note: my moodiness did not last the normal 3 of 4 days either — closer to 3 or 4 weeks, so bear that in mind as well. It was perhaps less Induction flu-related than accomodating a new lifestyle and all the behavorial changes that it mandated.

My wife and I are much happier now as my recent posts hopefully have demonstrated, and my outlook has certainly brightened. My wife hates Atkins much less than before except for the loss of Chinese food and some of the other former restaurant hangouts. I have been rather stubborn (in the same vein of the current “I’m selfish” thread) in my refusal to go to them. We just had a reoccurance this weekend with the two Atkineers (my brother and I) refusing to go out to the local Chinese buffet with the rest of our families insisting it was ok. I have no good compromise other than sending her out by herself during the day while the kids are in school. At this point, why tempt fate with Sesame Chicken. In the end the Atkineers won out and we went to somewhere more acceptable instead.

Just be aware how doing the Atkins WOE affects those around you, and if they mean that much to you, alert them to what making this decision will mean to them. At least then you can get their buyoff ahead of time instead of after the fight is over. A SO who cares for your well being would have a hard time saying “no, I want to stay overweight” after reading the book.

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