Back from vacation

We just got back from vacation to St Louis. The purpose of the trip was to go to Six Flags since the kids missed out on the trip to Orlando and Unviersal Studios earlier this year. Well you know what they say about the best plans of mice and men, the kids were the kryptonite to my plans. The day at the amusement park went awry in almost everyway from daughter with heat rash to son throwing a fit about an inner-tube rental to way-too-high heat index. All I can say it is good to be home and back at work.

Work plans for the next week include:

  • 2 additional P2V NT4 systems, which have been going flawlessly lately
  • Pager duty – being on-call, which has featured some mission critical apps mysteriously dropping off face of the earth
  • Rebuild the new mega-app on the mega-beast server (xSeries 445)
  • Plan for SAN replacement, which of course touches every major application and database server
  • Finally, we have the new patch cycle from Microsoft. The exploits for MS05-039, Zotob, are running or very soon will be running rampant around the networks.

Zotob.A (FSecure) MS05-039 info
eEye MS05-039 Vulnerability Scanner
Zotob removal tool from Symantec
From K-otik:

CVE Reference : CAN-2005-1983
Rated as : Critical
Windows 2000 universal exploit for MS05-039

On top of everything, this is Guard weekend. Needless to say, it is a might bit busy around here.

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