Interesting virtualization article: ESX 2.5 vs. Virtual Server Comparison

Benchmarking VMware ESX Server 2.5 vs Microsoft Virtual Server 2005 Enterprise Edition
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Deciding which virtualization environment to choose can be a frustratingly difficult task. I decided to push aside the price differences between the two products as well as all the media hype to put together a comprehensive comparison of ESX and Virtual Server.

I had experimented with virtual environments in the past; VMware ESX, GSX and Workstation as well as Microsoft’s VirtualPC and Virtual Server 2003. With the release of Virtual Server 2005 I felt that a more scientific and methodical approach was needed to properly benchmark each environments performance. These results would be used to decide which platform will be used as the virtualization host environment of choice.

Not so much remarkable in the results — that ESX Server smoked the Virtual Server in performance, but it was somewhat astounding at how poorly the Virtual Server did in relation to a base metal machine. (50% of the BM performance) Studies like these are the ones that should make determining the enterprise product of choice that much easier for those just starting with virtualization. Our AD test environment with its 21 servers resides on pizza box a 2-CPU, 4GB RAM xSeries 336.

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