Done with Training – on with Server tasks

Today marked the third full week that I made it back from training. A lot has happened in that three weeks, such as a pipe letting go ruining the hardwood floors in my kitchen and dining room and my old computer finally giving up the ghost. I have since replaced the computer with a new one (an AMD64 x2 3800 self-built model) and am still waiting on United Services to replace the flooring. They were quick to remove the damaged flooring, but very slow in replacing it or even providing a quote on the replacement floor cost.

It is somewhat amazing how fast the old routines return even though I was gone for 6 weeks. At training, I was up before the sun each and every day. Now, I have returned to my 7:15 am wakeups and my late nights. I haven’t lost the workout urges and am still running generally once per day (approx 3 miles). I need however to increase my base amount of miles. I am going to run an 8k or 5 mile race in the beginning of April. My eating has returned to the low carb variety I craved while I was gone. At training, I ate low carb, but it was flavorless, uninspired low carb. As a result, I lost an addition 5 pounds, arriving home at a sveldt 216.

Finally, I am looking forward to starting a number of infrastructure upgrades at work in the next few months — some on the books, some only referrenced as inevitable. It should definitely be an interesting time in 2006 as we make some major changes. Some things, I am planning right now:
* Novell Identity Manager enhancements — Active Directory upgrade has happened with a rather standard driver, which has room for improvement. I will primarily be one tasked with doing those changes.
* VMware Environment enhancements — I am really pushing for SAN space in the near term for our burgeoning environment. Another improvement is modification of our authentication to an Active Directory or LDAP method. As our ESX admin team expanded, logging in as root no longer is a viable option. Of course, ESX 3.0 is definitely on the horizon.
* Server Upgrade projects — one of my final strategy documents that was approved before I left for Training was agreement on server lifecycle, detailing the life and death (decommission) of server and a particular operating system upgrades. We were burned with a number of remnant out of warranty, NT4 servers that time had forgotten. The same thing is not happening again our Windows 2000 servers. We have # of servers that are reaching the end of the warranty life and should be addressed in 2006.

It should definitely be a year to earn your pay and hopefully a couple of trips to conferences again (TechEd 2006 and VMworld 2006 anybody?).

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