Another Atkins success story in the making…

I have written previously about my success stories with the Atkins Way of Eating, but I have another burgeoning success story in my family. My wife, Laura, has lost over 100 pounds herself on this journey to reachieving her own high school weight. Here is the link to her success story photo’s:

The miracle of this method of eating and approach to nutrition is that it works for all tastes. Laura certainly has different tastes from me and a greater tolerance to carbs. She loves vegetables and is a self-admitted “broco-aholic.” However, she is still following the Atkins as prescribed and being successful.

I can not give her enough praise for sticking with it this time and being resistent to temptation. We spent last Saturday stuck in a hot casino riverboat waiting for our familial relation to win a poker tournament. It just so happened that “the boat” offers free ice cream cones in addition to free drinks. She spent a better part of three hours resisting the temptation to partake in the free cones, so kudos to her.

So take a look at the next big Atkins success story, who is quite a bit hotter than I….

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    More than Atkins i wanna paradise