Update on where things have been

I just wanted to post an update on where things are with me and my family. I am still doing well with Atkins Diet and still well at goal. I have perhaps given up getting down to 215, but remaining at 220-225 has been easy. Laura is back on Atkins and doing very well. (down nearly 12 pounds) She is becoming a master at turning down the temptation of coworkers and their treats.

Coming from the race and its last severe downhill mile, I developed my first real case of anterior shin splints. It was probably exacerbated by running another 5 miles on Sunday night. What can I say I was low on my miles for the week? I ran it slow, but halfway through I could feel it up and down my leg. Now I am icing it, and having a couple nights off due to giving platelets was probably just what the doctor would have asked.

I am on the clock for another certification. Unlike the last time, this time the exam is at least in my area (or close to it). I am a firm believer that the start of networking begins at the client, and hence I am taking Microsoft exam 70-620, Microsoft Windows Vista, Configuring Client. My test is currently scheduled for August 31.

In final news, I have joined the local Fire Department. Although for the first 18 months, I will be a new recruit and not allowed to touch anything as I will be attending the Fire Dept. Academy. Since Laura vetoed reenlisting with the National Guard due to deployment concerns, the local fire department seemed like a happy medium. Still serving others, but with Grimes as the furtherest I would be deployed. 🙂

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