4 years later – Results of Atkineer Blood Work

One of the comments I routinely hear regarding my Youtube videos is that fine you were successful with the diet, but you are doing this at the expense of your organs, brain, blood vessels, heart, etc. I have been accused that I am literally on a precipice of a health disaster. I keep pointing back to my past annual physical blood work and the complete lack of anything pointing to impending failure. With this year’s physical coming on the heels of my knee problems and lack of exercise, I was just a bit more worried than I had been in the past.

Here are my results: Current results (starting values)

  • Triglycerides – 43 (135 – good is lower than 150)
  • Cholesterol, Total – 181 (198 – good is 125-200) **note up 25 points from last year**
  • Cholesterol, HDL – 58 (35 – good is over 40) ** note up 8 points from last year **
  • Cholesterol, LDL – 114 (150 – good is under 130) ** up 17 points from last year **
  • Glucose (Diabetes) – 76
  • Kidney – BUN – 22 (good is less than 25)
  • Kidney – Uric Acid – 5.9 (good is than 8)
  • Liver indicators in Blood and Urinalysis (such as Bilirubin) – all negative
  • Liver – ALT – 31 (good is between 9-60)
  • Liver – Albumin – 4.7 (good is 3.6-5.1)

Once again the doctor could not be happier with my results. He said these (despite the slight bump in cholesterol) were my best results yet. My doc (Dr. Cunningham) has been a big proponent of the diet and a runner as well, and not having seen me since the marathon, he was pumped about my progress. Today was just one more brick in the wall of burying the old Kent for good.

PS – on the positive, the physical therapy has been showing progress. I am doing ironically butt strengthening exercises to help correct my bio-mechanics leading to the knee issues. I am back to running every other day, and while it’s not pain-free, it is no longer nearly as painful as it had been. I am doing ~4 miles in 9:30-9:45 pace just trying to get the mileage in and enjoy being outside again.

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0 Responses to 4 years later – Results of Atkineer Blood Work

  1. Betsy says:

    Glad to hear that your pain is managable – and that you’re healthy, of course!

  2. Nancy says:

    Great work, Kent. You’ve put in a lot of hard work and it shows.

    Doc Cunningham is cool. Glad you found him!

    You definitely have a lot to be proud of. (that HDL is awesome!!)