Atkins Diet Videos: Why would a stall happen?

In this part one video, I deal with another viewer comment on why do people not lose weight or suffer weight loss stalls / plateaus. The first answer is “is it really a stall?”, “Have you lost any inches not just pounds?”, and “Have you not lost in more than 4 weeks?” If you satisfy these above question, this video is for you.Here is the list of reasons that I go into in this video:
1.) Eating too many carbs (hidden carbs / underestimating)
2.) Under-eating – starvation mode dieting
3.) Dehydration
4.) Overeating
5.) Too little exercise
6.) Stress
7.) Food Sensitivities / Candida

In the next video I will touch upon your response. Here are some other good low carb resources:…
They as well as years of helping others assisted me in making video. The second half of the video should be posted shortly, but the two together would have been too long. The second half deals with what how someone should react (or not react — if only I could taken my own advice while over-analyzing my own weight loss) to weight loss hesitations. I hope this helps anyone who is as frustrated as I was from time to time when the scale was not cooperating.

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