Podcasts to get you through the grind

This post is a response to an older post at Runners Lounge about what you listen to on your training runs. Ideally, all your runs are so care-free that you don’t need distract yourself what is going into your ears or that you have fantastic running partner whose presence is enough to distract you from the pain or tedium from of a 2 hour run. However, most of my runs are far from ideal, and I usually end up resorting to audiobooks from Audible or podcasts.

Audiobooks can be hit or miss. Sometimes the book can be so engrossing you actually want to go run to progress in your place in the story. My last audio book. the latest Stephen King book Duma’s Key, was like that. It remains a departure from earlier work focusing on the people rather than the horror. His writing is so good recently (with the exception of the completion of the Dark Tower series) that a release of his books can make a month pass by. The alternative is the previous book I listened to. It (Lincoln Child’s Death Match) started with a great premise and devolved into a predictable silly story about a sentient computer match-making program. Those books are like a slow painful run that you just have to grind through lest you waste your money.

Podcasts are by and large a better bet. You typically aren’t out anything if there is a bad episode, and there are always a bunch of unlistened episodes to get caught up. My interest are varied in who I listen to — both entertainment, education, and work-related. Here’s a listing of the Podcast feeds:

Hopefully this list helps someone else discover new feeds of interesting material. Radio Lab is one of my new favorite podcasts. I like the conversational way they impart the new information and their look on the subject. I might not always agree with their science on how things like stress or one’s self identity developed or evolved in man, but nevertheless, I always feel better for having listened.

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    54 degrees!!! I hope you are outside today. 😀

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    Its nice to view your site. It contains a good information on Audio books and Pod casts. Thanks for the post.