What have I been up to?

It has been far too long since I have posted.


As I wrote a few posts back, I had been waiting for my Fire Fighter I exam results for quite awhile. It should have been back within 4 weeks, but 6 weeks later I still had not received any notice. I did finally get word. After 6 months of class at the Polk County Fire Academy, I passed my FF I exam. I also passed my Haz Mat Awareness exam. These two exams make me certifiable (pun intended) and able to enter burning structure where more sane people are exiting. I did end up missing my final Fire Fighter II exam due to being out of the state the day of the exam. I will have to take the test later in October if I want to get that designation.

Also on the subject of certification, I still have not heard word back on my VMware Enterprise Exam. You know the one where I was supposed to hear word in 7-10 days about a MONTH ago. I heard last week it was going to be by last Friday, and then I had my VMware TAM find out this week that I should hear by Friday. Well it is Thursday night, and I still have not heard. I am not holding my breath or anything at this point.

Florida Conference / Vacation:

Laura and I just returned from Orlando last week where I attended a Gartner Summit Event on Virtualization. It was about 180 degree different from a TechEd event. It focused more on getting engineers knowledge of the virtualization landscape and where its analysts believed it and the industry were headed. I have been attending large conferences (14,000 attendees) the last few years, so this was dramatically different. It was informative; a lot of the analysts simply affirmed what I already believed. It was nice to spend 9 days down in Florida in a couple of different condos. Kent and Yeti If the kids ever return to Florida with us, that is how we are going to vacation. Laura and I did spend a number of days at Disney, which was good and a little sad to do without the kids, but we did get to go on a number of rides we weren’t able to last year with the kids. Having time without the kids is always nice and makes you appreciate the times you do have.


June was a month of slacking off from exercise. Besides the Clive 5k, I really did not put a lot of miles in or cross train. In fact while in Florida, I didn’t exercise at all. My total mileage for the month was a woeful 66 miles — down from averaging 100 miles per month. I haven’t done a longer than 10 mile run since May. That all stops in July though. I have started my marathon training program for the Quad City race. I only have 12 weeks left before the big race, so I really need to get ramped up in my training. I am still gunning for a sub 4, but it will be challenge. I have also decided to restart P90x as well due to missing too many days. I will be doing 4-5 days per week focusing on improving core strength and flexibility. Here is my video I made I on the subject:

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