Day has come….

With less than 11 hours before the race (Quad Cities Marathon), I have made it to Moline.  The registration went without event.  The expo was quite a bit smaller than say the Des Moines Marathon or certainly the Bix 7 race.  There is part of me that likes the shopping experience at the Expo — even if it is suicidal to actually wear anything you buy.  I really could have used a new pair of Race Ready shorts for future races, but none were to be had.

The meeting with Joe Moreno, the race director, was informative.  It was apparent how much he cared for the race and that the race went right for EVERYONE.  Numerous times during the meeting he was called regarding some last detail to ensure it was correct.  I did find out some good information – iPods and headphones allowed, and according to Joe, especially on Arsenal Island due to the utter lack of traffic.  It still remains to be seen tomorrow, but I am encouraged.    The weather looks fantastic with temps below 70 for the whole time I am likely on the course.  40 some bands or entertainment (cheerleaders) will be along the course tomorrow.  In the spirit of the State Fair, there will also be “Vaseline on a Stick.”

Well, it is time to try and sleep before the start of the day at 6 am.  Good luck to everyone else running tomorrow!

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  1. Donna says:

    Good luck in the race Kent!