Low Carb Breakfast — Not necessarily like mom used to make…


I deal with the question by a viewer who like I was sick of eggs and bacon, and was looking for alternative breakfast items.

My criteria for a good low carb breakfast is:
* has to be quick to make
* has to be easy to make
* has to provide enough nutrition for morning activities and mid day exercise

I also suggest the valuable step of prepping for breakfast the night or the week before by chopping the vegetables or cooking the meat beforehand to expand your options. I normally prepare the meat options for the week on Sunday for the week — such as browning ground beef or cooked chicken breasts.  With that in mind, there are countless options for the 5-minute or less breakfast meals.

I highlight my favorite 5:
* Taco or Fajita Salad
* Low Carb Stir Fry
* Sausage Broccoli Quiche ** upcoming recipe video coming**
* Upside Down Low Carb Pizza
* Pancakes and Syrup ** upcoming recipe video coming**

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