2009 State of the world address

I wanted to just post a state of the union or world message or where my life sits today type post. It is sort of New Year’s post 3 weeks late post to reflect with what 2008 meant to me, and where I plan to head this year.

My running in 2008 in many ways take a step back even though I set a marathon PR in September Quad Cities Marathon. I ran about 110 miles less this year than I did in 2007. Why were so few miles ran? Injuries and changing perspective. My knee and legs are finally getting healthy after the knee pain of the early year and the sprained ankle in November. It was somewhat frustrating as I saw my running get slower and more difficult. It definitely made me rethink what I was doing. I also started P90x a couple times, and its every day hour-long exercise also drained some of my long runs. I also did not participate in the Thursday night tempo group this year (it wasn’t offered), which I think really helped my speed last year. The only really good piece of running this year was meeting a bunch of new running friends and figuring out my electrolytes formula for long runs.

Where will 2009 lead? I am hoping to do 2 marathons. The one in the spring simply to keep my base up, and keep me running. After basketball season completes, I plan on helping the daughter train for her first half marathon or 20k (Dam to Dam maybe?). Until then, my mileage will be low in the winter. The fall race I really hope is my sub 4 hour race. It should be as QCM is now an experienced course. After that, we’ll see if I pace the full Des Moines Marathon 4:45 or the half again. I had a blast last year encouraging people to reach their goals.

I am right where I was last year at this time. 5 pounds over goal weight more likely due to the lack of exercise training time than anything else. There has also been a lot of stress lately, but all that is over. It is now time to buckle down and get to 220 for this year. I have 10 pounds to go and all the motivation to do it. My videos have taken off this year, and I produced over 40 videos in 2008. Low carbing is definitely coming back if my viewership is any clue. I also was just notified I will be featured in a weekly supermarket magazine not sure if web only or web and print feature yet.

Here’s my latest video:

Professional or Career-wise:
Same responsibilities at work – no change there in 2008. I did help Microsoft certify validate a number of their Windows 2008 exams this year. I also completed my MCITP: Server Administrator certification and started working on my VCDX certification by passing the Enterprise Exam. I really wish the VMware Design exam would be released.

One difference is I did complete my training commitments to Polk City Fire Department this year. In the first half of the year, I completed my fire fighter training program to achieve FFI certification. From there, in the second half I completed the twice week EMT program at Mercy College outreach. Shortly after the first of the year, I passed my final NREMT written exam to complete my EMT-B certification. I am glad that 2009 will feature a LOT, LOT less mandatory training to give me time to focus on other things. November and December were months I am not looking to repeat any time soon.

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  1. J London says:


    I’ve been following your you tube broadcasts and I have a question regarding atkins. I’ve lost weight over the 4 months i’ve been doing it. I have managed to incorporate a low carb lifestyle into my every day life. However…. I’ve noticed that I keep having breakouts ie acne spots… is this because i’m not drinking enough water? Is it because i’m eating too much protein? or for some other reason?

    would be very grateful of a reply