Marathon Training Update – Valentine's Day edition

The weather in Iowa has been atrocious for running weather with multiple days of 3+ inches of snow fall and most of the roads slick with ice.  That said I am so-so on plan.  My weekend long runs are still progressing on pace, but some of the week day runs are being missed.  The good news I am doing cross-training those days on either elliptical or basketball. That’s still not the same as running 4-6 miles those days, but I am at least working out.

Here’s my gripe of the last two weeks – cars and sidewalks.  The cars around here are not moving over for runners even though there is whole lane free beside them.  It’s like they enjoy the how close they can get to Kent game.  The sidewalks aren’t any better with complete ice coverage every other house.

You know that it could be better as evidenced by their neighbors, but some people don’t want to clear their snow or ice.

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