Best / Worst Low Carb Wraps – Atkins Diet Product Reviews

Atkins Diet Product Reviews: Best / Worst Low Carb Wraps

I don’t eat a lot of wraps as usually I find them to be empty carbs or carriers for what I actually wanted — the meat, cheese, vegetables, etc.  However occasionally I do enjoy these products and they do make eating hamburgers neater.  All these products are obviously not Induction friendly as whole wheat flour (OWL phase rung 9 ingredient) is one of their main ingredients.  If I was on the road more often, I would definitely take these and low carb ketchup with me as means to make dining out easier.    My main recommendation is the Flatout Flatbread Light Series.  They are the lowest carb since I cut each of the large oblong wrap in half — making each roughly 3.5 net carbs.

If you can’t find the Flatout series, another option would be the La Tortilla Factory, who have improved their recipe and options in recent years.  I initially did not like this brand any more than the worst of the group — Mission Carb Balance.  Finally, there is one more option for those seeking less commercial products.  There are a number of low carb recipes for making wraps in your own kitchen.  I have tried any of them personally, but if these were more routine parts of my menu, it’s good to know the option is there.

2 comments to Best / Worst Low Carb Wraps – Atkins Diet Product Reviews

  • Virginia Roach

    I have used these light wraps as well in moderation and do find them easy and handy for Friends who aren’t on Atkins…

    • admin

      They definitely keep longer than the leaf lettuce I keep in my fridge and also allow me to use the lettuce in my salads too.


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