Atkins Diet Quick Hits: How to stop doing the low carb diet and not regain all the weight?

How to stop doing the low carb diet and not regain all the weight?

This was one of those videos that I didn’t know how it would be received. There are times in which I get asked the question about how to get off this way of eating or diet. While I might not always agree with their choice, I wanted to at least highlight to how potentially to get off the diet especially if you’ve been… on it for awhile. It certainly isn’t – “while Christmas is coming up, I am going to start eating unlimited carbs and then start back up January 1st.”  Hopefully they make as thoughtful or more decision in getting off the diets as starting it.

While it might be wishful thinking that those thinking of hopping off the diet might actually watch this video first, I wanted to at least do my piece to have them potentially think about the consequences of their decision and potentially weigh the outcomes.

2 comments to Atkins Diet Quick Hits: How to stop doing the low carb diet and not regain all the weight?

  • Kathy

    First of all, I really enjoy your recipes…thanks for all the hard work! My boyfriend started on Atkins about 3 weeks ago and has lost 20 lbs, but he is starting to get discouraged because he’s always hungry. He’s a very picky eater and hates almost all veggies, so he is not following the “12-15 carbs from veggies rule”. He gets to the evening and has used all 20 carbs and is still hungry. I personally think it has something to do with the diet pop he drinks but he just can’t give it up yet. He’s drinking about 64 ozs water, eggs, bacon/sausag and cheese for breakfast, ham and cheese roll-ups for lunch, an ounce or two of nuts and maybe a couple of cheeseburgers for dinner. I try to make different things, but that is a typical day’s menu for him. He weighs 295 and wants to get down to 200. Any help you can give us would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

    • admin

      What is using his Calories on if he isn’t using them on Calories? It is likely the cause of less success. If he is hungry, he should eat. Eat something legal within the diet — there are plenty of legal options that have zero carbs. (If you have used up your carbs during the day, you could still have 16oz of Ribeye or a couple half pound hamburgers. There’s little reason to be hungry on Atkins. In seeing the list of foods, I don’t see 20g of carbs. What is he missing in his diet that he is craving, which might be exacerbated by the sodas?


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