Splenda-sweetened Diet Cola reviews

I wanted to do a product review of diet cola’s that are sweetened with Splenda or Stevia since this is still my one indulgence.  I had been off drinking diet cola for over 2 years before I started drinking them again.  At present I probably drink 3-5 cans per day.  I am pretty insistent on still not drinking my former vice — Diet Dew — due to its aspartame content.    One of my concerns is currently the lack of competitors on the marketplace.  These are just based upon my opinion and my local distributor:

Diet Coke with Splenda — (****1/2 out of 5) the grand daddy of all diet colas, it loses a half star for only being distributed in 12-can fridge packs.  I have e-mailed my local bottlers multiple times to produce 2-liter as well as individual cans, but so far my local bottler (Atlantic Bottling Company in Waukee) has been unwilling to change.

Diet Rite Cola – (*** out of 5) Caffeine-free as well as aspartame free, so this lends to a rather mild, perhaps more sweet flavor.  I fully admit I drink soda to have the caffeine, so I miss the bite of the caffeine.   The over-sweetness also affects its usability for using in recipes as well.  It just over powers the other flavors with the taste of Splenda.  I am not a huge fan, but it does satisfy in a pinch.

Pepsi One – (** out of 5)  Tastes like weak Diet Pepsi – which is not necessarily a good thing.

Store-brand Soda – (**1/2 out of 5) The good thing about these brands is the price.  They are typically less than twenty cents a can and offer at least a chance if the big names aren’t available.

Hansen Diet Original Cola (zero out of 5) – I just bought this soda today, and honestly this is the reason for the post.  I have never had a more weird soda than this one with the exception of perhaps (PERHAPS) the Jones Holiday Stuffing-Flavored or Green-Bean-Flavored Soda.   Those sodas at least celebrate their weirdness with their off-world flavors and uniqueness.  This diet cola is flavored with NUTMEG(!) and CINNAMON(!).   I didn’t know if I was drinking a pumpkin-spice soda or something else as weird.   This is what Hansen PR firm had to say about this soda, “We are excited to be releasing the timeless taste of cola in time for the summer,” said Blair Owens, VP Marketing. “It’s naturally the perfect flavor that complements our product line.”  Why they thought Cinnamon-flavor perfectly complemented their line I am not sure.

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  • Kent, I too love Diet Coke with Splenda. Our bottler here also only packages them in 12 packs. I try to limit my intake to one or so a day.

    We usually make a thanksgiving ham and make a glaze with regular coke. I wonder how it would do if we use diet coke with Splenda. Any success with cooking with this Diet Coke?

    • admin

      Actually my favorite Buffalo Wing Sauce features it with Frank’s Hot Sauce. One of my favorite home-made BBQ sauce is essentially ketchup, diet coke, and liquid smoke. It’s simple and easy, and of course my latest Chinese recipe uses an orange flavored Splenda soda to create the delicious orange sauce for the chicken. Its (DCwS) usage in recipes is only limited by willingness to share my stash with the rest of the family in my dishes. 🙂

  • Virginia Roach

    Why are you drinking so many Soda’s ???? I try so hard to limit to One Soda a day..cause The carbonation is so addicting… Just wanting that Cold Fizzz. It takes away from my water intake so I really try to not abuse it… I was surprised to hear you are drinking that many a day…

    • admin

      What I do isn’t necessarily always prescriptive for others to follow. I compare it to some who still partake in alcohol or convenience foods. It might not be the healthiest option, but as long as I stay within the daily sweetener limit and get my water in, I should be fine.

  • Virginia Roach

    Ok… I am convinced… I am going to get off the aspartame train…. I just bought a case of the Splenda Coke… and am getting ready to Make Fabulous Atkins freindly recipes for the Holidays… But for Me I have to limit Coke or the next thing I know I am drinking it instead of water…Real Easy for me to do..
    Thanks for All you do to help the masses!

  • Elizabeth

    No Zevia review? Ya gotta try the Zevias! They are my hands down favorite in taste, especially the Dr. Zevia flavor and the black cherry flavor. They’re so satisfying and nothing to feel guilty about. The only drawback is the price, but I don’t drink one every day since I’m trying so hard to drink more water.

    • admin

      So far the only place that sells Zevia in the area marks them at $6 or $7 for a 6 pack. That is the most expensive soda I know, and it priced itself out of my range. I am looking forward to Truvia-sweetened Cokes in the future. I would however gladly review Zevia if one was offered though.

  • Stephanie A

    Being low carb, hating aspartame and wanting to be very green, I bought a Soda Stream soda maker. All their diet syrups are made with Splenda and they have a lot of flavors… even a Mt. Dew mimic called Mountain Breeze or something like that. I really like their root beer and pink grapefruit. It has saved my family a bunch of money (my husband is a soda addict) and we no longer have a ton of recycling. The syrup bottles are even made of recycled materials. The only drawback is that you have to order most syrups online because it hasn’t gotten popular enough yet to have variety in retail stores. Sears and Kohls were carrying the syrups but only 2 flavors. It’s also a bit of an investment to start, but I think it pays for itself in the long run for convenience factor (no having to run to the store, just make more), monetary savings and environmental savings. Oh! And another part i love about it is that since you are adding the syrup yourself you can choose the strength of the flavor and the amount of fizz. I’m weird and prefer a flatter cola that isn’t super sweet and my husband is the opposite, so we can both make it just like we like it.

    • admin

      I REALLY want to like the idea of homemade soda maker. My dad bought one way back in the day about 25 years ago. My only concern is less the syrup but rather the carbonation. Where do you buy your CO2 bottles from? Do you refill them locally or do you ship them back to the mfg to get them refilled? Syrups should be rather interchangeable with other soda makers, but I would think the bottles could be proprietary. I also fear my kids would drink more soda and empty the bottle in a few days. 😀

      • Stephanie A

        There are 2 ways to refill the carbonators. The first way is when you are getting low you order refills for your empties (I choose to have 3 of the large carbonators and exchange 2 each time so that we aren’t out of soda). It’s really cool because you order say 2 refills and leave the 2 empties on your front porch. UPS comes and takes the 2 empties and leaves 2 full. It’s kind of like the old days with milk bottles. Lately, it’s gotten a little more popular (I think because of the green factor) and a few stores are carrying exchange carbonators npw. Williams and Sonoma carries them here so if I forget to order in time I take the empties in there. The price seems to be the same for the exchange whether you order online or go into the store. Here’s the link http://www.sodastreamusa.com/.


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