Thanksgiving is coming… Get your low carb recipes here

Atkins Diet Recipe: Low Carb Cranberry Salad

Atkins Diet Recipes: Best Low Carb Sausage Stuffing (IF)

I had little realization as I started my Thanksgiving series of videos how much time would be devoted to these videos.  A couple of the recipes were new ones to me, specifically the cranberry salad, and the first attempts were less than successful.  I can now believe Dana Carpender of HoldtheToast and cookbook fame when she says that when writing her cookbooks maintaining her weight is more difficult. I realize all these are self-imposed deadlines, but when one states a goal, he/she  should work towards achieving it.

If I don’t post again before Thanksgiving, I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving and hopefully time-off with one’s friends and family.

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3 Responses to Thanksgiving is coming… Get your low carb recipes here

  1. Sometimes I gained a bit writing my low-carb cookbooks as well, however, sometimes it was just a few pounds and I could lose that in a few weeks right thereafter. I’m sure had I been writing higher carb, sugar-free cookbooks as I did in the beginning, that would not be the case, and I would have had a tougher time of it. I also have a thyroid condition, some inflammation (CRP) and probably some insulin resistance, so low-carbing is better for me, even although I have discovered that I can eat carby good carbs (like a banana or sweet potato) and easily maintain my weight. However, again my carbs usually don’t exceed 100 grams a day. When I am hoping to drop pounds, that carb count usually goes down to about 60 grams a day, combined with Intermittent Fasting/Feeding part of the week.

  2. Kent says:

    I don’t do IF, but I perhaps do something similar. I eat before work (at 7 am) and then eat again at 6-7 pm at night. I know IF teaches or wants you to eat every 24 hours, but that wouldn’t work for me as I tend to run down by 6 pm. Lasting another 12 hours would prevent any workouts being done later, but if it works for you great.

  3. Actually I rarely go 24 hours. It’s more that on IF days (when I’m doing it – not all the time), I have a window of about 6 to 8 hours in which I can eat and the rest of the time not. I throw in a 24 hour IF every now and then and I do lose weight easily that way.

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