New series of quick “how-to” webisodes

I know I can’t be alone in being clueless to some items in the kitchen.  Often you hear about a technique or an item, and you have no clue how it was used or perhaps even what it was in the first place.  To this end, I have started a new series of Atkins in the Kitchen videos featuring just a small how-to or quick video on a particular food.  I know before low carb I had no idea what Almond Flour was.  Here is my first couple of videos:

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  • Hi Kent,
    I just discovered you after listening to back episodes of My Low-Carb Journey Podcast (which I also just discovered!). Congrats on the good work you’re doing and thanks, too, for your service to our country. I’ll definitely be checking back for tips and recipes and motivation. I’ve been up to 255# and am now at a place where I have about 30 more to lose and it’s HARD! But fine folks like you and Hank and Jimmy Moore and many others make it easier. God Bless you and your family in this new year to come!

    • admin

      Thanks for commenting! I know remaining motivated especially when the eating is perceived a hardship or lacking is difficult. That is one of the reason I developed the new passion for finding new recipes and potentially spicier or more ethnic recipes. By keeping the flavor quotient high on the diet, it’s much harder for me to feel deprived or burdened by my lifestyle choice.

  • […] another one of my quick how to videos in the kitchen ( here are the last ones), I wanted to provide any newbies who hadn’t yet seen the ease of making your own whipping […]


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