5 “Must Have” Induction Friendly recipes

I was asked today by someone who was getting lost in all the recipes I have posted what 5 recipes I would suggest for someone just starting the diet with little cooking skills. In looking through my recipes, I think I have come up with the 5 “Must Have” Induction Friendly recipes. First, I wanted […]

Low Carb Breakfast Recipes: Biscuit and Gravy

I wanted to release another Induction Friendly recipe for all my new Atkins followers. This recipe highlights a third way to make a really good cream gravy on the low carb lifestyle — simply add egg and cream, and let heat bring you to the right consistency. This might not work as well refrigerated as […]

Low Carb Swedish Meatballs

I continue my series of Super Bowl party recipes. This recipe is also in honor of Scandinavian viewers, especially one from Sweden. I asked what a meal she would like low carb, and she replied “Swedish Meatballs.” I was happy to comply with her request.

This recipe originally came from Alton Brown of Good Eats […]

Best sure-fire low carb gravy

In partnership with FaveDiets ( http://www.FaveDiets.com ) recipe site, I break out of my Super Bowl series of videos with my recommendation on how to make low carb gravy. I have made many bad or less good gravy in my attempts (cream, veggie purees) at Thanksgiving, but this way has been the most universally successful. […]

More recipes for your party – Low Carb Buffalo Chicken Dip

I am continuing on the series of recipe videos for the upcoming Super Bowl, but they would work just as well for any party. This video is featuring one of the all time favorite low carb dips – Buffalo Chicken Dips. Usually I have seen this recipe made with canned chicken breast, but those typically […]

Super Bowl party – need a low carb recipe?

Hosting a party of friends for the Super Bowl or some other big event is slightly different than hosting family over for Christmas or Thanksgiving like my last video series detailed. This series of recipes are geared to foods easy to make and are often appetizers not typically side dishes or main dishes, although a […]

First week of Marathon Training Completed

I wanted to document the first week being complete for marathon training. Due to the weather and road conditions, I have been forced inside for many of my runs. I completed 4 runs this week:

Sunday – 5k run 26:30, plus another .6 miles Monday — Elliptical (40 minutes) Tuesday — Fireman training (SCBA skills […]

Reasons to start running? (featured in Des Moines Register Q Magazine)

I was interviewed by a Des Moines Register / Q Magazine reporter back in November about my running, why I run, and what my suggestions would be for new runners just starting out. I was contacted due to my involvement with Capital Striders and being on their board. Having helped Tasha find the love […]

Atkins Diet: What are “Hidden Carbs?”

One of the things that invariable hits people following a low carb diet are hidden carbs. They believe the product labels for 0g carb items and believe they are typically “free” or “eat liberally” items. It only takes a few indulgences to go from 16g to 25g or 30g when you omit these hidden or […]

Low Carb Berry Cheesecake Squares Recipe

Low Carb Cheesecake Squares Recipe

This recipe was tweaked from another recipe used by permission developed by Jennifer Eloff. (http://low-carb-news.blogspot.com/2009/12/fruit-cocktail-cheesecake-squares.htm­l) I bumped up the cream cheese (or actually neufchatel cheese) content and altered the crust slightly to my favored nut crust. I really like this recipe if you have company, and want to […]


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