More recipes for your party – Low Carb Buffalo Chicken Dip

I am continuing on the series of recipe videos for the  upcoming Super Bowl, but they would work just as well for any party.  This video is featuring one of the all time favorite low carb dips – Buffalo Chicken Dips.  Usually I have seen this recipe made with canned chicken breast, but those typically have modified food starch and other sugars added to them.

I also prefer this slow cooker method to other methods due to its ease and lack of labor approach.  It is the ultimate in easy party food.  It goes well with celery stalks, pork rinds, home-made low carb nacho chips, or even just by itself.

3 Large Chicken Breasts
1 cup Frank’s Hot Sauce
8 oz of Cream Cheese
4 oz Cheddar Cheese
1/2 cup Ranch Dressing
Cook in slow cooker for 3 hours.
Makes 10+ Servings.

Nutrition Info: (per serving)
310 Calories, 22g Fat, 1.9g Carbs (0g Fiber), 24g Protein

2 comments to More recipes for your party – Low Carb Buffalo Chicken Dip

  • Judy95111

    Your videos are great to watch, except that when I click on the “X” the Google Ad strips that are across the bottom of the video don’t close. Your blog is the first place I’ve experienced not being able to close them. It usually covers information, so I need to be able to close it. Seems like the ads are imbedded in your video. Thanks

    • admin

      The ads are placed there by Youtube, so there is not much I can do with them. My suggestion would be perhaps to double click on the video, and view them directly at Youtube has the upper hand in my relationship with them, and I have thought about putting the videos elsewhere. I don’t think I would get the amount of driveby viewers on any of the other video hosters.


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