Reasons to start running? (featured in Des Moines Register Q Magazine)

I was interviewed by a Des Moines Register / Q Magazine reporter back in November about my running, why I run, and what my suggestions would be for new runners just starting out.  I was contacted due to my involvement with Capital Striders and being on their board.  Having helped Tasha find the love of running (at least at one point), I thought I had a few suggestions.  The author, Cara Corey, did a fantastic job at conveying Tim Ives’ wisdom and actually making me look like I had something to offer as well.

The synopsis of why to run:

  • Cardiovascular Fitness
  • Reduced stress
  • Sunshine and Fresh Air — although mentioning this in the middle of January is a bit of bait-switch.  You could realistically name these opportunity to enjoy bleak winter light and -30F Wind Chill.
  • Accomplishing Goals
  • Competition
  • Me-Time – It initially sounds selfish, but I admit that I need time to myself and with that time away.  I can better appreciate or renew the energy for the time with my family.
  • Weight Loss Maintenance – 6 years at goal weight goes without saying…
  • Making Friends
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