Frustration and motivation…

I am going to paraphrase someone’s posting to an online Atkins forums.

I did so good all day today.  Then I went out for supper at a local restaurant and couldn’t resist the noodles and the dessert that the nice wait staff bought for me.

It is a post like the one above that just get me frustrated.  I want success for the people who start the diet, but for whatever reason life gets getting in their way.  The desire for immediate gratification or fear of insulting others overwhelms their desire for being at goal.  My common response to a post like this is figure out the why you did what you did and perhaps you can solve the problem for next time.  Don’t just shrug the event off as just another misstep along the way to goal.  Did you not care enough or weren’t motivated to eat right enough today?  Have you secretly been feeling deprived or bored with the food choices?  What made noodles and the dessert worth possibly derailing your efforts again?

Maybe my story had a unique component in which I was faced with my own mortality in the car accident or had progressed so far that I could not ignore the problem any longer.  I had run smack into the bottom, and I knew something had to be done.  I knew it could be done because I saw my brother succeeding everyday and keep driving closer to goal.  My recommendation would be to not obsess on the cheat, but use it to figure out what is going to get you to goal this time.  What is going to be different next time that this time did not feature?  How will you tell someone else that their well-meaning suggestion while nice is perhaps not the best thing for you?  The good news is you now know how you feel and the guilt involved, and use that negative reaction to fuel future actions as well.

Each of you not at goal can indeed get there.  Sometimes it is harder than other times, but figuring out or planning for future success from past missteps is critical.

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  1. 100 % Agree with you Kent and I just have to say So… I have gone from size 16 to an 8 and am so enjoying life without all the joint aches and pains of being Overweight!… BUT I admit it is Mind Over matter… I find when you Truly want something for yourself…You will make it happen… ” Lifestyle Change” I compare a Carb-o-Holic (ME) to an Alcoholic… I know in my heart if I give in to that , Just this one little sweet won’t matter… I will Fall Off the Wagon. I stay focused and Praise God everyday for the strength… I remind My Friends when they are putting that piece of pie in my face and say It won’t hurt just once… That if I was a recovering Alcoholic, You would Not be doing that… Your creative recipes have So helped me not just think I am deprived.. I am ENJOYING the Atkins Edge all the way. Sincerely, V <

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