Trouble in marathon training

I completed my 20-mile training run on Saturday.  I have had much better runs this year, and I ended up walking at the end almost as much as running.  I developed a pain in the top of my foot and ever step was a stab of pain.   I had felt this type of pain before, and after the run, I took off my shoe to confirm it.  Sure enough, my tendons were inflamed and were squeaky as the crossed the metatarsals on the dorsal side of my foot.  The medical name of it is tenosynovitis.  This in fact happened the first time I trained for a marathon too.

I have been taking the last 3 days off from running, icing the foot, and taking anti-inflammatories often.  I am hoping the pain and inflammation should be gone by this weekend.  I plan a 10-12 mile slow recovery run on Saturday and elliptical training until then.  The one thing I won’t do if it at all possible is follow the recommendation of last time — walking boot.  I blame many of the problems of the first marathon on the walking cast.  It threw my gait out of whack, and put me in little shape to run after a couple weeks of the boot.

2 comments to Trouble in marathon training

  • Kent, I wish you a full and speedy recovery!

    • admin

      It’s feeling better, and it teaches an important lesson on how small things like tying one’s shoes correctly can have a big impact later. I was also waiting on my replacement NB 1064’s, and perhaps the new ones would not have led to this problem either. The ache is at least gone during the day now, and I did have a pretty hard workout last night.


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