Not all great recipes are necessarily difficult or elaborate…

One of the things I run into as I make Atkins Diet recipes is how to decide which things I made routinely are video worthy and which ones are either to simple or obvious to post a video about making.  However, I also run into the problem that people think the things I eat only the recipes I post videos about.  I also want to give others ideas that they may have forgotten about or ignored as of yet.  I also get asked about what I eat for sides with my main dish routinely too, so those are some of my thoughts that went into making this video.

I may never do a how to grill a steak video because I am not sure I would bring anything new to the table that has not already been said and likely everyone thinks of eating steak on Atkins.  The same thing might not be able to be said for this recipe — Cabbage and bacon.  These are two foods that simply seem to go together, and this is a side dish I make quite often.

Atkins Diet Recipes: Low Carb Cabbage and Bacon (IF)


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