Running post-marathon? Meh…

My running since my marathon has been a resounding as my daughter would say, “meh.”  In other words, my running has been blah and rather unmotivated.  I started running two weeks ago after the doctor changed his prognosis on my sore foot from stress fracture to tenosynovitis and taking a month off from running.  While the humid and stormy weather has played a role, I just haven’t felt any burning desire to push myself running.  I have done a few 4 and 6 mile routes, but nothing longer than that.  Combine that with achy body parts, I just wanted toss any hopes of running a race soon — like Psycho Psummer.

I don’t know what my motivation is at this point.  I don’t think I am going attempt a fall marathon at this point.  I will probably run another half marathon, but I have zero desire right now to do 3- 20 mile training runs.  As motivated as I was post-marathon, it has departed.  So dear readers, how do you motivate yourself in the dog days of summer?

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