Low Carb Cruise 2012 – here I come*

One of the things that I most enjoy about the low carb lifestyle is the community.  I would not have been successful if others had not first succeeded and imparted their wisdom to me.  They shared their recipes, stories of how they worked out, and how they persevered through the difficult times or temptations.  I can not tell you how many different bloggers  and forum member I have followed their success.  Sure local success stories, like my brother, were extremely powerful too,  but the breadth of wisdom on the Internet and blogs could not be matched.  The rise of social networking sites like Facebook and Youtube certainly came at the right time, and I was pleased with paying forward for the support I first received.

Where this post is eventually heading is I am glad I will finally get to meet some of those people I have relied upon for inspiration both in the kitchen and in the gym.  Why you ask?  I signed up for the 2012 Low Carb Cruise, which will sail out of Galveston, TX on May 6 for 7 days.  I had wanted to do to the cruise this year, but it sailed two weeks before my marathon, which didn’t sound like a good recipe for a good race.   As much as I appreciate a one-stop source for being educated on low carb science and where the cynics have gotten it wrong, I am really doing it to meet those people like Dana Carpender, Amy Dungan, and of course Jimmy Moore.

I also am of course looking forward to the cruise aspect of it all.  We’ve never gone on a cruise before, and this seems like as good a time as any.  It’ll come 2 scant weeks before Tasha graduates, but I would imagine next summer will be busy enough with the prospect of one of ours leaving the nest.   You might have noticed the asterisk.  The only thing remaining to be done is ensuring SmartStyle can survive without my wife for 8 -9days.   My work will not be an issue, but she has less control over her schedule. By February when we would lose deposit, we should know for sure, but this is my plan for our 22nd wedding anniversary present.   (at least better than 21st which was a garage door opener)

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3 Responses to Low Carb Cruise 2012 – here I come*

  1. Jimmy Moore says:

    Hey Kent, you’re gonna be so surprised to see the number of people who will want to meet YOU too. It’s gonna be an epic time and I’m so glad you guys are coming.

  2. Kelly says:

    That sounds awesome Kent. I’ve become a big fan of Jimmy’s Podcasts. It’s an unbelievable library of information on nutrition and exercise, second to none in my opinion. I’d also like to listen to a Gary Taubes’ lecture in person. Hmmm, maybe I should go? I’ll have to check out the particulars. Are you back to running yet?

    • admin says:

      Re: running, I had thought about doing another full marathon, but with this summer, I have just decided to have more fun with the running. My intention is to do more trail running and run a couple halfs in the fall. I am thinking Sioux Falls Half Marathon (the place where I set my Half PR) will be my goal race. I am probably running probably 20 miles per week now (3 runs of 4-6 miles, and weekly long run of 7-10). I am still working out (cardio and lifting) in addition to that, but it’s not at the same intensity as prior to June. Pace-wise I have fallen into the mid 9:00s for my training, but running in humidity has been always a challenge. I would much rather run in a snow storm than in even 85 degree with humidity.

      My goal for the Fall half marathon will be 1:49 or less, which should be quite doable (as 7 minutes off my Half Marathon PR).

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