Youtube comment spam – only getting worse…. (Intellectus spam)

I have been deluged with Youtube spam recently by a ad-supported diet site.  I try my best to stem the tide against their propagation, but if it gets much worse, I may have to disable comments on my old videos.  I am surprised that the same company that owns blogger and many other blogging toolsets can’t limit the amount of outright spam being posted to videos.  It is the same comment being generated over and over from different accounts all from third world nations.  I can’t even implement the simplest of all controls a CAPTCHA filter or simple bot catcher (like enter the word “orange” field) in the comment section.  I have complained to Youtube with no help.

What do you guys think I should do?  Let spam roam free in the comment section of my videos or disable comments on all videos older than say 4-6 months?

So here is my response once and for all…  Have you ever heard of the intellectus424dietcom? It must be all-spam diet because that is apparently all consists entirely of eating spam and the exercise is posting spam on people’s videos.

4 comments to Youtube comment spam – only getting worse…. (Intellectus spam)

  • Nina

    Never heard of it, but a quick Google indicates a bot mechanism for distributing the same old boring comment….’Have you considered…blah blah’. Not a very sophisticated scam and definitely NOT by the Monty Python team.

    I’d disable comments and make them come here to comment.


    • admin

      I am just frustrated at the lack of support from Youtube. If the “eyes” were someplace else and I could get better service, I would definitely switch to Vimeo or perhaps another video hosting site. This just seems like a common sense implementation options that I am surprised it has not been improved.

  • Virginia

    So after all that, can we Eat Spam ??? LOL.. Sorry Kent, I could not resist! 🙂

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