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Google in their brilliance (is sucking up to their web browsing spider warrant a higher page rank? 🙂 ) has implemented a new feature — recipe search utility.  In this you can search the web for a specific recipe across multiple datasources, like,,, or blogs like my own.  This feature depends on rich snippets to determine what are the ingredients, length of cooking time, Calories, etc. of all the recipes.  So say you were looking for a low carb Eastern European entree with cabbage or for cabbage roll recipe that did not contain rice, you can do it here.

The bad news for me is that Youtube is not likely ever going to be supported for this tool at least natively.  WordPress, my blogging software of choice, has a few plugins to help authors create the necessary code for Google to understand.  I have implemented one such plug-in, and have slowly went back to update some of my recipes to make them Google-friendly.  Now not only do I have to make recipes Atkins-Friendly but now coding them Google friendly to better share them.  For examples, check out the following posts:

I can’t say they look great yet, but these plugins are still WIP as the new standard was just released in June.   If you see past posts changing, that is why.

3 comments to Behind the screens – Google friendly recipes

  • Kent,

    Sorry if you see this comment twice. Couldn’t seem to get the first one thru. Anyway, the links on your post don’t work (wanted you to know).

    Also want to say how much I like your new recipe plugin. I’m using it myself now. Just great! You are a great contributor to the low carb community. Thanks!


    • Are you talking about the links within EasyRecipe? I knew about them, but for some reason the documented way to implement them is not working. I haven’t yet found mine indexed by Google, but I assume it is just time, I like the concept, and it gets me to making descriptions with the recipe. If I ever choose to publish them, it’ll be easier.

  • Kent,
    Sorry I wasn’t clear – it was the links in your post (to “To Paraphrase Donkey…” that don’t work. Just wanted you to know. I guess I haven’t tried links in easy recipe yet, but like the idea. thanks.



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