Eating well while traveling or while at tech conferences (VMworld 2011)

I am away from home for a week at tech conference in Vegas, and while for many this would be the ultimate excuse to ditch their diet or lifestyle for “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas,”  I am going to post my menus while here to see how well I did.  I probably won’t be going to Fitday to see the exact breakdown of carbs, but you’ll be able to see how well one can do when 100% of their meals are prepared by others.  Just as background info, breakfast and lunch are provided by the conference, and often in the evening there are “events” to attend.

For some it may be Christmas or the holidays that are rough times.  For IT people, they are these conferences. Each day will be live-blogged, so each post may edited multiple times during the day.


  • had to walk about a mile back and forth to Harrah’s and Venetian between registration and dropping my bags off, and then finally walking to breakfast.  With 100+ (110 today) degree heat, even though I packed my running gear I am not sure how many miles I will log this week.
  • 1/2 cup Cantaloupe
  • 5 strawberries
  • That was it for the acceptable choices.  There were no fat options to be had.  Normally I would have preferred cream cheese or something similar, but apparently low fat was ruling the day for breakfast.  I’ll be skipping breakfast if this continues.

Snacks & Lunch

  • Snacks are by and large not possible — they did have some snack mix with nuts in them, but tossing half (raisins, m&ms, peanuts) for what I wanted almonds, pepitas, seeds seemed wasteful.  Last year they had cheese sticks, so I hold out hope for another day.
  • Lunch was pretty veggie free as the only veggies they had were covered in honey mustard, spaghetti sauce, or mixed in with rice
  • I had chicken breast, 2 small braised beef, and Italian sub sandwich with the bread removed (lettuce and pepperoncini peppers)

VMworld Vendor Party

  • Another opportunity to eat without restriction, and many off plan foods (spring rolls, lobster corn dogs, ravioli, lots of alcohol).  There were some good options, and I was just having something to hold me over until 9:30pm when Laura should get to town.
  • Mixed raw vegetables (less than half cup) with ranch
  • 3-4 oz of ny strip with dab of horseradish


  •  ended up being really late (10:30 pm) due to Laura not getting into Vegas until after 9 pm.  Reasonable (aka cheaper) options were limited at that point especially with not feeling like walking, so we settled on Chipotle
  • Barbacoa Salad with hot sauce and cheese — I should have remembered from last time to check the Chipotle Nutrition Calculator ( first.  The hot sauce for some reason is 8g per serving.
  • We went gambling after this, and we are still up nearly $10, which when playing nickle and penny machines is pretty good I guess.

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