Low Carb Haul and Damascus Bakeries Giveaway

I wanted to make a video slightly different that some of the other videos I have done. I have many health and beauty subscribers, and in watching their videos, I notice how many of them do “Haul” videos. While most of the things I purchase are rather mundane, regular grocery store items, I thought I would highlight what I purchased in my Netrition purchase and start a giveaway for 2 lucky viewers.

The giveaway features wraps from Damascus Bakeries. I am really impressed with the Damascus Bakeries commitment to quality and producing quality products. Reading their company’s history page convinces you they are not simply out to produce a cheap product to fit a niche market or recent company to the baking market having started in 1930. From the taste of their wraps, that commitment to quality definitely shows.

To enter the Giveaway, comment on the Youtube video page and mention what you would do with these Damascus Bakeries’ wraps. I will randomly select two commenters to win a selection of the wraps to be sent to them. I will select and notify the winners on September 2 when I return from VMworld conference.

Links to the products mentioned:
Damascus Bakeries: http://www.damascusbakery.com/
Vermont Sugar Free Syrup: http://www.netrition.com/cgi/goto.cgi?aid=3332&url=maple_grove_syrup_page.html
White Chia Seeds: http://www.netrition.com/cgi/goto.cgi?aid=3332&url=now_blanco_salvia_white_chia.html

Good luck!

9 comments to Low Carb Haul and Damascus Bakeries Giveaway

  • Tom Metcalf

    I often like to use these sorts of wraps for ham and turkey role ups. Like you mentioned in your video, you can cut them in half, and create a great morning, or afternoon snack. I like having smoked ham, with sharp cheddar cheese, pickle, and mustard. Also turkey, sharp cheddar and chipotle mayonnaise.

    Also like you mentioned, burritos are good to have with them, and also fajitas! I also like to make quesadillas…….YUM!!!!!

    Thanks for your videos! I am trying to do my low carb diet properly this time around, by including exercise, and watching your videos def will help me on my journey to a healthier life.

    God Bless!

    Tom Metcalf

    • I hope to have an inspired video with the wraps when I return from Vegas. I’ll be making chimichangas, which were quite good the first day I made them. I am glad my videos could help.

  • Dee

    Commissaries don’t have much low carb here. thanks for all your suggestions

    • For most things, I am just shopping at a regular grocery store to purchase them. It is the rare occasion when I actually purchase something like these, but it’s always nice to know they are out there when you want them.

  • Kent,
    These looked great. What came to mind for me, was got get some kind of meat, say sausage or chopped brisket and put that plus grated cheese and say just a bit of bacon, on these wraps, cut in smaller squares, and toasted in the broiler.


    • When I get back from Vegas on Friday, I’ll have my first recipe using them posted online. I am making Mexican chimichangas. I experimented with them making pizza rolls, but I think the mexican idea will go over better.

  • Tom Metcalf

    So……whatever happened with this?


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