My new low carb cookbook, Low Carbing Among Friends

Announcing: Low Carbing Among Friends


I have been working on this project since the beginning of this year.  I was initially convinced by some viewers to create a cookbook, and just so happened at the same time, Jennifer Eloff and her husband were contemplating writing another cookbook too.  The difference from this one and her past (fantastic) cookbooks was this one was going be a collaboration cookbook by a number of the great low carb cooks in the community.  That is one thing that has always attracted me to the low carb community was the feeling of “in it together” or willingness to include or help others as you worked your own weight loss journey.  I was asked if I wanted to join their project, and I readily agreed.  Jennifer is very persuasive when she wants to be, and the idea was a great one.

The idea was to have 5 low carb cooks each provide the best of their best recipes, making a total of 300 great low carb recipes.  In addition to being low carb, this recipe was also going to be gluten free, which honestly was never a problem to convert my recipes.   In addition to 300 recipes, 6 big name authors and bloggers also would contribute their wisdom, recipes, and tips to the book as well.  These 11 authors really made the project a communal experience — each featuring their own strengths, and you can tell that by photos of the recipes.  The book would be called “Low Carbing Among Friends” (

Here’s a blurb from the website:

Low-Carbing Among Friends, as its name suggests, is a collaborative cookbook with five recipe authors,  two well-known active, and knowledgeable cheerleaders, and four highly qualified, experienced medical Dr’s. That’s a GOLD MEDAL team of 11 stars in the low-carb world!  In fact, this team spans all age groups and all regions of the low-carb world. One hundred percent of the recipes are strictly low-carb and all low-carbers willlove this book, as there are so many eligible recipes! From Induction to OWL (ongoing weight loss) and even some for moderate low-carbing; all recipes are less than 10 grams of carbohydrate per serving and most are less than 5 grams of carbohydrate per serving.

I went through my recipes, and over 80% of my recipes were Induction Friendly.

The response in the short time it has been announced has been phenomenal.  The book was just announced on Sunday evening (5 days ago), and by day 4, over 75% of the first printing (11-11-11) has already been sold.  Our target is to have the first books out by Thanksgiving, and due to the fantastic response, the second  printing has already been contracted.  So if you would like to ensure having your own copy by Christmas, please be sure you hit the order site.  (




7 comments to My new low carb cookbook, Low Carbing Among Friends

  • Norma

    Do you know of Atkins friendly gluten free diary free cookbooks?j

    • admin

      Unfortunately no not at present… If you wanted, I could go through my recipes and figure out what portion of my 60 recipes were also dairy free. Many primal cookbooks would also be lowish in carbs, but they obviously add fruits to a greater extend and starches, like potatoes in their foods. I personally don’t have a specific recommendation, so I would do one of two things ask the low carb paleo chefs which ones they’d recommend, or end up taking recipes from a variety of sources. I don’t use dairy in everything, but if I exclude butter, cheese, and cream cheese, I would imagine about 1/3rd to 1/2 my recipes would be excluded.

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  • Kent – so happy you are on the team! 🙂

    There are actually many more than 300 recipes. I contributed 87 recipes (several of those from other wonderful, talented low-carbers)

  • Bev

    Kent, I wish you would publish a book of just your own recipes, as we have watched you make them all so know for sure what to do and how they turn out. Any possibility of that? I write them down on paper but sure would be nice to have them in book form. Just a thought….

    • Each of these books will be 1/5th my recipes — roughly 60 recipes per book. The reason I say books is that I have signed on to a series of them. I know for those people just looking for my recipes that may seem like I piece-mealing them out, but I think there is the positive step of having the other’s genius in the book too. My commitment remains to have a good portion of my recipes always there for the people on Induction (80+% in this book), and the others’ recipes will likely be a great complement for those moving on to OWL and maintenance phases. I can say this you will have most of the recipes you have come to appreciate in written form to have a one stop shop for the best in low carb recipes.

  • Bev

    okey doke – thanks – I still think that if you put just yours altogether at some point in time, they would sell but I shouldn’t talk as I don’t know a whole lot about publishing. All the best


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