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My daughter and I have recently ran two cross country trail races.  The first one was RCC Run the Woods, and the second was just this past Saturday, Living History Farms XC race.  I sprung the first one on her at the last moment as her brother bailed due to Driver’s Ed.  It was good time, and when she eventually goes off to college, I’ll have to have her come back to do these races again with me.  Living History Farms race was tougher this year due to the erosion and steep banks to surmount.  The ropes weren’t much help, and I ended up helping at least 5 ladies up over the first hill as there were no foot holds to push yourself over the overhang.  My time was not my best, but this is a race you do for fun not for time.

On the Low Carbing Among Friends cookbook front, the initial printing sold out and required another printing to be scheduled to provide Amazon their books to sell.  I received my book Friday, and here were my obviously biased views:

  • This book is huge!  It has over 327 recipes, and it looks almost an inch thick.  One could get lost in the amount of recipes and never find yourself out.
  • The authors are very creative with their recipes with recipes like almond joy shakes, and that is one I look forward to making soon.
  • The index at the end of the book is very helpful to try to find a recipe.  We might need to tweak it for future books to offer groupings as well for some major categories, like cheesecakes or breads or Asian-styled foods, as the title may not always be named similarly.   This would be something we could still offer via the website to print yourself if there was enough call for it.  Let me know what you think.
  • Overall, it is a fantastic group project to be a a member.  Watching others receive it and what recipes they make is like Christmas and watching your present being opened by the recipient.
I am currently running a contest for the first person to photograph themselves with the book and post it to Atkins Diet Videos’ or Low Carbing Among Friends‘ Facebook pages.  I will dedicate my next video to them, and it will be on a recipe of their choosing.  I know others have started to receive their books, so there is still time to submit your entry.
On the media front, Jennifer and Ian Eloff have been featured on a number of low carb podcasts:

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  • Congrats on your successful book. I’ve never heard of a XC race with thousands of runners, sounds like fun.

    • It is an awesome experience, and it is the reason I became a runner in the first place. It convinced me that running could be fun. If you’ve heard of races like Tough Mudder or Warrior Run, this is the grandfather of them all. 7 miles of running with 7-9 frozen stream crossing, many of which required you to use a rope to climb or be lifted to the other side. The race is also well populated by high school and college cross country teams, so you get a lot of their energy and costumes on the course too. Here’s a link to the race:

  • Good to hear you like it! 🙂

    For future cookbooks, we might break up the desserts into cheesecakes, cookies and squares, cakes, frozen desserts, confections and sweet endings. The only reason, I stuck with the general category of Sweet Endings is because some authors are not into desserts and only made 7 or so recipes and some of those categories would only have one entry or none at all – same for breads (not that many – however, quite a few muffins). However, we could possibly make the Index for the sweet endings itself contain those sub-categories – that might be better than actually offering those sub-categories inside the book as well.

    By the way – 377 recipes (including counting variations)! It is a substantial cookbook. Good value for money!

    HAPPY THANKSGIVING to you and your family!


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