2011 Low Carb Year in Review

The year 2011 was very good year in many respects for me and my family.  I have many things to be thankful for, and I wanted to post one reflection of the last year before I look to take on the New Year and the many challenges to come.

Exercise / Running

  • I completed and set a PR in my fourth marathon in perhaps the worst weather I have ran yet.   The Green Bay Marathon race was my goal race this year, and I trained for 5 months to beat my previous time.  I initially had hoped for a sub 4 hour marathon time, but with work schedule and training difficulties to say nothing of the weather, I scaled back my expectations.  I held back for the first 22 miles and opened up near the end beating my former best race by over 12 minutes.
  • After that race, the wheels sort of fell of my racing.  Immediately after the race, I began having problems walking and was initially diagnosed with a stress fracture.  It turned out to be tenosynovitis, but that ultimately led me to taking 2 months off from running.  I never re-caught the training bug and for the rest of the year simply built or maintained my base.  I did pace the same 2:10 Des Moines Half Marathon pace team, which is always my most fun race of the year.


  • Background:  I entered the year with roughly 1.4 million video views and a little over 130  videos.  My goal for 2011 was extremely ambitious one was to produce more than 50 videos this year or roughly one per week.
  • Videos produced:
  • Right from the beginning of the year, I recognized viewership was much higher in previous years.  It was once again proving that the low carb fad was nothing of the sort and was far from over despite what the skeptics say.  Here are a few stats that I simply wanted to pass along:
    • 977,400 total video views last year – which was as many as the previous two years combined
    • 3500 new subscribers
    • Videos were favorited 4096 times
    • 5000 Comments were posted on my videos
    • Top 5 Countries for views: (in order)
      • US
      • United Kingdom
      • Canada
      • Australia
      • Germany
    • Demographic Breakdown (63% Women and 37% Men)

Other notable achievements:

I wanted to thank all my viewers and friends for all your support this past year, and I promise that I will continue to pay that support forward in 2012.  You guys have made this journey awesome, and I want to thank you for including me on yours.

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6 Responses to 2011 Low Carb Year in Review

  1. Thank you also for all your effort and may the year of 2012 be happy and blessed for you and your family 🙂

  2. Virginia Roach says:

    You have made such a difference in My life as well as Thousands of others. You are an inspiration to us all. I had an awesome year and plan to do even better. My exercise always gets to a back burner, but have decided to Just Do IT and save My Joints..bu doing a good walk and pilates routine… I have to take My bones to old age with me and have then not workout… It is so easy to bend to the WORLD of bad eating here and there and say I’ll make it up with Exercises…BUT the KEY is to stay on task and control the fork to the mouth… One of the few things in this life WE ARE in Control of ! All the BEST to you… The One thing I am always asked is What Do I Eat.. People want that Daily How Much and What..believe it or not.. I think that is why Nutrisystem does so good.. just send the food and they eat.. No Thinking 🙂 My Goal 2012 is to make up a weekly Menu and shopping list. Thank you Again for all the inspiration you Give ! I pray a Very Happy New year to you and your family !

    • admin says:

      I think that (no thinking) is one of the reasons Atkins worked for me too. With the limited food selection on Induction, it made things a little easier on what was good vs. bad. However sausage and steak dinners can only last so long, and that eventually led to food boredom. That led to wanting to make my old foods “better.” With my daughter doing the lifestyle now, she is helping do weekly menus and shopping lists. Now I am cooking for at least 4 low carbers every night — 3 meals and 1 planned left-over for her lunch the next day. She picks the meals from the cookbook, and helps eliminate the guess work. I can loan her out to help others as well. ;-D

  3. Nina says:


    Thank YOU and your family for your contribution to our health and well being. Your videos are great and I’ve been inspired to adapt other recipes to low carb versions successfully as a result.


  4. Dee says:

    Thanks from Germany for all you do! I love hearing about your low carb and Des Moines area info. Keep up the great work – I’m looking forward to the book.

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