8-year Atkinsversary

Today marks my 8 year anniversary of starting the Atkins Diet.

I started the Diet on March 31, 2004 after one failed day of not understanding what the Diet actually.  I thought I knew what the diet was, but I hadn’t read the book nor even browsed the Atkins website.  I readily found my ignorance and restarted the diet the next day.  The first few weeks were difficult on the Diet as I was a guy who had lost his way in the kitchen.  I ate mostly commercial processed foods and fast food at that point.  Going on the Atkins Diet, I suddenly had to relearn how to cook and find new recipes.

Things like low carb convenience foods were not as popular back then, and there weren’t the recipe options to be found on the web.  I did however find a few crucial resources like Atkins Diet Bulletin Board to support me and Linda’s Low Carb Recipe site.  Linda’s was a Godsend as Linda had some new comfort foods and options to eat.  However, my love for cooking did not come overnight, and I would routinely just stare into the fridge not knowing what to make.  Every meal time was challenge and frustrating as the things I wanted I couldn’t eat.  It was always work, and to be honest, I was irritable having lost one of my friends (food).   I also suffered from a case of Induction flu that seemingly lasted for a couple weeks.  I was fatigued, and just generally felt miserable.

That initial discomfort was temporary.  The results were permanent.  Looking at the old photos remind me of just how far I have come.  As different as two guys above appear, I internally feel even more estranged from that guy.  The guy in the Before photo was close to giving up.  He had spent years denying he had a problem and believing he could keep living that way.  The guy in the after photo just ran a marathon — something that would have been impossible for the guy in the Before to even THINK was possible let alone do.

Now, the last eight years have not been all roses and smooth sailing.  While following diet’s food plan has been remarkably simple, I have had injuries from running, frustrating races that ended much worse than planned, and even a 29-pound regain 6 months ago after the stress fracture misdiagnosis.  The difference is however between the Before and After guy is the Before might have tossed in the towel or given up, claimed it wasn’t important, or tried to bury it under the rug.  Having had the success, I kept working at it and improving.  I have ran my fastest marathon last year and in the last 3 months dropped most of the regain (24 pounds).  The weight loss journey isn’t over; today just marked another milestone along the way.

17 comments to 8-year Atkinsversary

  • Congratulations…I love to see long term success stories like yours Kent!

  • Kim

    Thanks so much for sharing your journey. Thanks also for taking all that time creating all those yummy recipe videos too! I can’t tell you how they have helped me to stay on track.
    Keep up the good work and congratulations on all your success!

  • Monique

    Congratulations!!!! I am just starting on the Atkins program! I am inspired by your determination and progress!!! Monique

  • Deborah Ring

    Those photos are SO inspiring! What a transformation! And thank you for all your help, both by example and by your reaching out to others.

  • Nina

    Happy anniversary Kent! Thanks for all your hard work sharing recipes and tips. Nina

  • Dee

    You are such an inspiration to so many of us. THANK YOU!
    Love you’re videos, keep em coming.

  • Katrina

    Congratulations! I’m fairly new to this journey and have just found your website. It’s already proven to be a lifesaver with the recipe videos and valuable information. Thank you!

  • LC_Dave

    Excellent and inspirational story Kent! There are many of us who have looked to you as inspiration through our years of struggle!! Cheers!

  • Congrats to you and your 8 year journey. That is wonderful!!

  • Donna

    Hi, I would like to know where I can get all of your recipes in one place. I want everything you have used over your 8 years of doing Atkins.

  • Johnnie

    First, I just have to say WOW! You ROCK OUT LOUD!
    I have been only aquainted with you by way of your videos on youtube since like, last week or the week before. I must tell you I have a HUGE Atkins crush on you! You have totally breathed new life into my efforts. I myself have been doing Atkins since 2005. I cant BELIEVE its been that long! I lost 88 lbs and it was to effortless! I was losing like 10 lbs a month EASY! Well, of course the loses slowed way down. Ok, they didnt slow down they stopped and I got comfortable. I gained half back 🙁 It took years for me to do, but I did it. However, I know in my heart that the only thing that has kept me from gaining every one of those 88 lbs back was ATKINS! Now while I have been practicing Atkins loosely over these years, the only success I have had was to keep myself under 200 lbs. I have recently re re re dedicated myself to start atkins from scratch and work the program 100 percent. I stumbled on your videos and you have really lit a fire under my fat butt! Thank you so much for sharing your story and the recipes. We could find them anywhere but to see you actually cook them , I cant even explain how motivating it is. I dont know why it is. It just is. Thank you so much for going through what you have gone through so that you may pose a motivational tool for all of us who fight the fight along with you! Happy Anniversary!

    • admin

      Thank you… I am just glad provide the same inspiration that others first gave me. I would not have gotten to goal without them, and if I can help encourage you there, I am game and happy to be along for the journey. 😀

  • Kim

    Congrats on all of your success! I am just getting started with the low carb way of eating. Today I watched most of your youtube video’s. I am so inspired by you to get into the kitchen and lose some weight!

    Thanks a bunch ;0)


  • Wow Kent, congratulations!!! You seriously look phenomenal! Love your blog! Love your vids on U-Tube and also your recipes in Among Friends. Seriously talented!!!

  • sara

    Kent – Congrats – just starting atkins …what are your thoughts on using the atkins bars to get over the sweet tooth?

    • admin

      For myself, I thought it best if I eliminated sweets on Induction and then gradually added them back. I think they are also overdone by some people by supplementing past habits for candy or snacks for these healthier foods. However, it can just prolong the cravings as opposed to letting them wither and die, so I am always cautious regarding them.


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