Was featured at Carbsmart.com – Success Story

Amy Dungan wrote a really nice article on me and my weight loss for the CarbSmart.com site’s e-zine.

If you want true inspiration, you need look no further than Kent Altena. A resident of Des Moines, Iowa, Kent is married to his high school sweetheart and they have four beautiful children. He works as an IT architect for a regional insurance company, but spent 9 years in the military before his increasing weight forced him out.

If I can play the same role as my brother played for me — proving that it can be done, I am happy my story could help them.   There was just a video of 23 year old 600+ pound guy asking for help on Youtube, and my message to him was it can be done.  Your life right now does not need to be your life forever however long that is.  My life today is nothing I would have imagined it would be 8 years ago.  10 years ago, I was falling asleep at the wheel of my car driving.  I had no hope of ever changing my perspective, and I just hope that something can reach this guy and prove it can be possible for him too.

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  • Lynne

    Kent, I am sorry to post a response to this article, but I seem to be unable to find an email address for you. I attempted making your Pecan Pie Cheesecake in the Low Carbing Among Friends cookbook today. I wound up throwing away everything except the pecan pie topping portion. The reason is that I used the 9″ pie plate you recommended in the book instead of the springform pan (I started to and decided that you must know what you were talking about). Well, once I had the crust in and spread out as thinly as I could get it, baked and cooled, then filled with the cheesecake portion, my pie plate was full. So, I thought maybe I could transfer it to a springform pan then. Wrong!!! I think you might want to make a correction on subsequent editions of the Low Carbing Among Friends. I must admit that I was not a happy camper and that your ears were probably burning from all the comments I was venting as I poured a lot of expensive ingredients into the trash. Once I calm down and wash all those messed up dishes, I will try this again BUT I will definitely use a springform pan this time.



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