Is Low Carbing like my printer toner?

I know this seems weird, but hear me out…

I am just going through my Misconception videos for my library presentation tonight, and this one ( struck home again as someone asked me about Atkins Diet Baking Mix yesterday. I am thankful everyday that I don’t *have* to order a specific food in order to be successful on this diet. Right now, my toner is out on my laser printer at home, and I can’t print there until my shipment from Ebay comes in. ┬áIf this was how I ate, guess what? Intermittent Fasting would take a whole new meaning, and I might be liable to strangle my UPS man if he was slow delivering my food.

I don’t plan ahead of time with my purchases. Daily life between kid activities, running schedules, and work usually drives planning to a back burner. I admire those that can plan well-advance with a freezer stocked of low carb meals, and never get surprised by life or its demands. That is unfortunately not me. I am just glad once again that LC works for even me for I would be always out or away from my Nutrisystem (or whatever planned meal system) stock at the wrong time.

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  • I use a grocery gadget app for my iPhone. That way when I run out I just tick the box. It is a reminder of what I need to buy. It also syncs with my wife’s iPhone grocery gadget app. If you use android I am sure there is something. Nice thing about the app is we can split up and I can get all the meats and she can get all the produce. You can see them getting clicked off as it happens.


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