Week to go – Garmin Oz Marathon is fast approaching

It’s been an active weekend with a variety of activities, but my own running was not largely one of them.  Seeing Brett run his first real race — Capital Striders’ Loop the Lake, made me extremely proud.  (He beat the goal time we set for him, and ran strong all the way to the end.)  I am in taper mode, and as much as I would like to go out for a run tonight, I shouldn’t.  I am supposed to be resting for the most part.  I ran ~16 miles total this week, which is about 30 less than the previous weeks.

As a result, I am going a bit stir crazy.  Part of me just wants Garmin Marathon race day to get here, so I can move on from this challenge.  Part of me wants another couple months to run 18 and 20 mile training runs, and maybe get better trained.  With less than a week to go and probably maybe 2 runs between now and then, the fate for the marathon is already sealed.  I can probably make it worse or slow my results, but I can’t improve them.  The current weather report for Saturday morning 7am in Olathe, KS: 43F, Sunny, and little wind.  By 11 am, it still only tops 54F. Yes, it is still over 5 days away, but that sounds like almost ideal running weather.

My goal for this race:

  • <4:05:00 or less — Gold (pace 9:20min/mi — I would love to say less than 4:00:00, but I don’t think it is doable)
  • <4:09:00 (aka Marathon PR) — Silver (pace 9:29min/mi — any race PR is always a good thing)
  • <4:15:00 — Bronze medal aka the point where I will be upset if I can’t meet

My race strategy will be to go out with the 4:00 pacers.  With Green Bay, I ran with the 4:15 pacer and sped up at mile 19 to pick up some positive splits at the end.  I think the opposite strategy may serve me this time — go out slightly faster and then adjust as needed on the course – possible slow to negative splits at mile 20-26. I have done 9:10 race pace tempo runs as recently last weekend, and they were doable even running alone.  The alternative is setting a 9:20 pace by myself and relying on internal timing to maintain it.

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  • I’m routin’ for ya! You are gonna do great!!! How much weight will you lose during the marathon and what do you do pre-race? Do you carb load or go into it fasted and keto-adapted?

    • On a 20 mile run, I might lost 7-8 pounds in water/sweat/etc. during that time. I try to follow a somewhat strict rehydration schedule during the race to not over consume or dehydrate. (Usually it is every three-four miles drink water and every other three miles to drink a electrolyte drink that my wife will bring me around the course.) Pre-race is like any other week or day on Atkins maintenance(25-40g net carbs), and usually go into the race without having eaten anything that day. I don’t run well on a full stomach.

  • Kent, that is awesome information to have!

    I think so many distance athletes “think” they must carb load to have optimal performance. The reality is that the carb load plays hell with your insulin. Even if you have a normal metabolism. A carb bomb is just that, an internal bomb that sets off a sequence of inflammatory events inside your body, your arteries, your blood vessels…everywhere! Is it any wonder so many distance athletes who are high carbers have a high rate of sudden heart attack and death?

    You being keto-adapted, have an unending stream of nutrition for your body during the long distance running and don’t have to depend on glycogen stores or loads of insulinogenic high glycemic carbohydrates! Woooohoooo! Inflammation is kept low, you don’t have inflamed arteries going into a race and bam. Hello efficiency!!! You even have a smaller weight loss than many high carbers. A friend of ours is a marathoner and is high carb and usually loses about 20-25lbs per full marathon! Golly geeze Wally!

    Good luck to you! I know you will do awesome with your superior nutrition and hydration schedule!!

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