Blog Feature: Fluffy Chix Cook

I know one of the things I am really bad at is promoting other blogs within my blog. It’s not that I don’t think they are great or that I don’t follow like 30+ blogs, so it is definitely something I should do more.  Winning one of their contests this week just proves all the more that I should share the love or at least the links to their sites.  I promise to be better at that in the future.

One of the things I like blogs for rather than say Facebook is that sometimes you find some really good writers or interesting personalities that 500 character limit of Facebooks frankly limits or dulls.  Facebook also tends to limit knowing the story behind the post.  The blog I am featuring today really is such a blog.  Dude, you have to read her blog.  It wouldn’t have to be low carb related (but it is) — the blog is simply good reads in same fashion Alton Brown’s show is “Good Eats.”  That blog is Fluffy Chix Cooks.

Susie T. has quite a story with her low carb success, then being diagnosed with cancer and her “Make a Wish” diet, and restart of her low carbing.  Perhaps it rings a little true or close to home with my brother Tim’s story. She definitely puts her voice into her blog, and her entries are never boring ones.    She also has a cooking instructional blog too, so if you want step by step recipes with photos on how to make low carb favorites, that is another option.  She has other blogs as well, and honestly everything she writes is golden.

So yes, I am late to the party, but I just wanted to bring a few more people with me so I am not so conspicuous.  😀

1 comment to Blog Feature: Fluffy Chix Cook

  • Well lasso my pony and call me late for supper, Kent!!! I came on over for a late afternoon visit and to see what you had on for eats tonight and found this post. I had no idea!!!

    (I’m sure I am gonna get fined for excessive use of exclamations again.) Forgive me though!!!! If you were here right now, I’d gush and hug ya to pieces!

    I do appreciate the glowing post and will work hard to not let your reputation down. Comin’ from such an accomplished chef, writer and video star as yourself, that is “high cotton” as we say in Texas!!!

    Thanks mucho and I will have your bag of bread mix in the “mail” on Monday. I don’t want to send it out this week, cuz I don’t want it to sit over the weekend in a hot warehouse!

    Happy eatin!


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