I receive letters — sugar addiction worse than meth addiction

I normally don’t like to repost letters I receive from those that like my videos.  Not because I don’t think there success story is not worth being published, but I really hate to self-promote myself.  It doesn’t feel right to me, but occasionally I’ll get a letter so good that I feel I have to.  My role in this person’s success was minimal, and they deserve a ton of praise for bringing their life around.  I also wanted to post this letter because I think it gives a unique perspective to what Jackie Eberstein talked about on the cruise, sugar addiction.  This particular person had two addictions — meth and an addiction to sugar.  You might be surprised to find out which one he thought was worse to kick.

You will be one of the greatest people in my life that have inspired me to change.  My testimony in short:
On Jan 2, 2011 I decided to start the Atkins diet again after I had failed 5 years prior.  I weighed 295 pounds and was depressed and broken and addicted to drugs.(relapse) It was through Gods Power and Your videos that kept me fighting and believing. Getting off meth was hard but not that bad, The sugar on the other hand was indescribably horrible. The first month I cried at night and prayed in agony. SO MANY Emotions raced thru my mind but I kept believing and counting carbs going to church and watching your videos over and over and over. 

Kent today I weigh 120 pounds. What I lost is all FAT no muscle! I gained muscle. Today I’m drug free, Sugar (man made) free and starting up my business in real estate again.  I’m a miracle and God used you to help me. Thank You from the bottom of my heart!
-Harvey <last name removed>

BTW: I learned for me that my Drug addiction cravings are gone, Its because I have my sugar addiction in check. I believe that x drug addicts would benefit from kicking sugar also because there chances of relapse would be SO LOW. Its sad to know that the way I ate lead me to relapse. I believe that.

You don’t know how happy I am to get a letter like this.  I don’t often wear my Christianity on my sleeve, but to be a vehicle of God’s mercy is a pretty awesome experience.  I am honored to have been able to help this person unknowingly for the last few years and enable him to get his life back.  I think his message about addiction rings true, and it was reported on the cruise how many addicts change one addictions for another in treatment as they seek out sugary treats to replace the high they used to achieve chemically.

Great job, Harvey!

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  • Thanks for sharing…such an inspiration to read this!

    • admin

      I know it was awesome to get it, and I knew I had to share it with others.

    • Debbie

      My deepest apologies for not figuring out how to write you in the correct place and I truly hope you see this message. I’ve noticed that when making some of the recipes like the hot wings that you use hidden valley ranch dressing. I’m doing my best to follow Atkins perfectly and that ranch has sugar in it. I keep finding sugar in everything and I’m afraid to eat it. Is there a special hidden valley ranch that you use?
      Your recipes and videos are helping me and my husband so much. Thank you.


      • admin

        There is some sugar on the label (1g per 2 TBS), but it comes down to being good vs. perfect. Dr. Atkins included salad dressings under special foods, and said you could use salad dressings less than 2g per 2TBS. Hidden Valley would fall into that category. I have however started making my own Ranch Salad dressing (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qaRiu63Xr04), but I do still use commercial (1g) ones occasionally. It’s similar to mayo with sugar in the label. The amount of sugar on the label is so miniscule as to be ignored if you can’t find a better brand in your grocery store. Being perfect is best, but being as good as possible is sometimes acceptable. Is that clear?

        • Debbie

          Perfectly clear. Thank you! I have made your ranch dressing and it’s great but sometimes I need something faster. Thank you for your very prompt reply. You are our inspiration!!!

  • Stacey Clay

    I’ve always believed sugar addiction was like drug or alcohol addiction. And what makes it even worse is sugar laden food is always in your face no matter where you go. You just can’t get away from it.

  • Cheryle

    I have never been addicted to drugs but I often wondered if my sugar addiction was just as bad. It is so all controlling. This story lifted my heart. I continue to use your recipes and those from Lowcarbing with friends. Keep up with the videos, etc. We need them and love them!!!


    • admin

      Thank you! With other addictions, you can for the most part avoid the addictive substance or at least have refuge from it. Eating however needs to be done. Jackie Eberstein noted in her talk that rats would favor sugar over cocaine in their studies.

  • Elwin Ransom

    “I don’t often wear my Christianity on my sleeve”. I understand and agree, but it’s still nice to know that.

    As far as sugar addiction, in many ways it is worse. As Stacey says, it’s ALWAYS there.
    With illegal drugs, you can avoid those old hangouts and ‘friends’, and you can find a fresh start away from all of that. (Trust me, I know.)
    But with sugar and carbs, your own family can often be your worst tempters.
    Especially around holidays!
    It’s hard to explain to the ones you love most that a low-carb lifestyle isn’t just a fad diet.

    But with people like you Kent, and with others like Jimmy Moore, Tom Naughton, Tommy Runesson and all the great doctors and scientists, it’s getting easier for the rest of us to not only get the information and support we need, but share it with others.

    Thanks again!


    • admin

      No problem, like I said in my post, I am just happy to play whatever role I can in helping others achieve the same health and success I did as I am just paying back those who helped me.

  • Wow! What a powerful testimony!!! Great job Harvey and congratulations!!! Great job, God. Thanks you! Kent. I’m so moved and so happy for you. I think it’s one of the greatest gifts ever to understand that our life has meaning and that we impact others.

    Sometimes I think I could die happy just knowing I positively impacted just one single person’s life in favor of a better life and moving into God’s plan for them. You do that daily and to many more than just 1 person. I’m so thrilled for this affirmation/confirmation about what you are doing, Kent. I do believe you are following God’s plan!!!

    Attaboy, boys!!!

    • admin

      I wouldn’t sell yourself short Susie. I know of at least one person who finds your blog inspirational to them, and I know I can’t be alone in that feeling. I pray almost everyday that my hands and voice can be His in this world to those who need it. If that takes the form of cooking or running, that is an extremely low burden to bear.

      • Well, it’s official then, dude! What we hay-uvvvvv hea-ahhhhh, is a me-yuuuuuuu-chewwwww-alll ad-muh-ray-shun sooooo-sigh-ty!!! 🙂 Hugs you!

  • Fr. J.

    Kent, while not an addict myself, except for sugar, I have worked in treatment and rehab and 12 step. It should have occurred to me years ago that something was up because everyone before and after those meetings is loading up their coffees with heaping spoonfuls of sugar–and often a smoke, too. Thanks for posting this, testimonies always get to me. And, as a priest, I admire you willingness to be an instrument of mercy and wear your faith on your sleeve!

  • Fr. J.

    Now Kent, I am not sure if you encourage your readers to send requests or if this is the right place to leave one, but if it is alright, I’d like to make one. One dish I am missing is the wonderful and wicked General Tso’s Chicken. I would love to see you make it Low Carb Style.

    Here is an example of the original recipe: hey Kent. This looks great, but I have to fly IF for a good while yet.

    I’m not sure if you take suggestions, or if this is the right place to put them, but I would love to see you do General Tso’s Chicken Low Carb Style. Here’s a vid of the regular recipe:



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