Ragnar Relay Chicago 2012 & Tips

First a tip, I was asked by a viewer about starting a podcast for them to watch on their iPod or iPad in their kitchen.  I was happy to tell them there is already a podcast RSS feed for every Youtube channel.  My RSS link is:

It’s always nice to be able to satisfy a person’s request so quickly.

The second reason for this post was to post a few of the photos from this weekend’s Ragnar Relay Chicago.  Ragnar Relay was 198.3 mile relay race from Madison, Wisconsin to Chicago, IL.   I joined a team that posted a message on Capital Striders FB page asking for volunteers.  The team was eventually called “It’s only a flesh wound,” and I had 3 legs to run – 5.7 miles, 7.1 miles, and 4.9 miles.  Running as a team got me running harder and faster than I had in 4 years as to not let my teammates down.  It was quite rewarding and fun.  My daughter Tasha was our driver, and we stayed remarkably on schedule and not lost while I was the navigator.  From Thursday to Saturday, I got a total of 7 hours.  Here are some photos from the race:

For more Ragnar Relay Chicago 2012 photos, click here.

Update: In the Open Mixed Relay, my team (It’s Just A Flesh Wound”) finished 8th out of 200 teams. (http://www.ragnarrelay.com/public/race_documents/1339389609-Ragner%20Chicago%20Results%206_10_12.pdf) I am honored to have ran with such great runners.

Update2: From my teammate Gary Burch,

Congrats to the best team in the world! Results are posted & here are a few stats:

8th out of 200 in our division.

42nd overall out of 419 teams.

Of the 31 teams starting at 10:30am, we took the lead from the start & only one team ever caught us.

111 teams started after us, and only 12 were able to kill us.

The biggest stat of all:  307 teams started between 6:01am and 10:30am… We officially killed a whopping 279 of them!!!!  The average start time for the 28 teams we didn’t pass was 7:42am.

The team that crossed the finish line just before us, Insane Running Crew finishing at 13:48:51, started at 6:30am.


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  1. susiet says:

    Hey there! Thought I’d already posted here. Good job on the run and the piccys! Wow brave you on lettin’ DD drive! Haha! WTG!


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