Low Carbing Among Friends Volume 1&2 news and pre-order discounts

  Sales of Volume 1 continue to go really well, and stocks of books in Amazon have been refilled once again, which is really good news as an author.  It shows your cookbook is still in quite the demand, and word of mouth from past customers is leading to new purchases.  One other recent development is that one can purchase coil bound books from the Among Friends website instead of the default PerfectBound-version.  This is in result to many requests for this feature and will enable it to lay flat on one’s counter.  Past customers had been bringing their copies to OfficeMax or Staples for them to rebind their books at a cost of $5-8 per book.  Our publisher is saying most of the new purchases using Paypal are already going with coil bound edition.

Low Carbing Among Friends Volume 2 has been finalized and will be going to the printers in a couple weeks.  You can see an image of the front cover to the left.  There are some of the favorite authors from Volume 1, like Maria Emmerich, Jennifer Eloff, and Lisa Marshall, and some new authors too, like Jonathan Eloff and Ginny Larsen of Ginny’s Low Carb Kitchen blog fame. I am looking forward to seeing the recipes this group develops for this volume.  They are quite a talented bunch, and I have followed Ginny’s blog for years.  You can still pre-order your copy of Volume 2 at a discount for another two weeks here.  Volume 2 will feature both the PerfectBound as well as the coil bound edition from the start, so order your copy in your preferred format today before the discount expires.

My next volume that will include my recipes will be Volume 3.  I am submitting another 60 recipes for that volume, and with Volume 2 finalized, there is more pressure to get Volume 3 ready as well.  I have 95% of my recipes ready, so if you have specific requests for recipes, please speak up now.  I should have all recipes ready shortly for publisher review.   Thanks again for your support and past (and hopefully future) purchases of this unique low carb, gluten free cookbook.

6 comments to Low Carbing Among Friends Volume 1&2 news and pre-order discounts

  • hi Kent,

    Your recipes are easy and man-friendly as well as Induction Friendly, and I am very grateful to you for that. The simplicity and flavor are really good. My husband is not on a low carb eating plan, so he adds a starchy snack to his meal. I am looking forward to trying out more of your recipes!

    Ellen Martens

    • admin

      That has always been my goal. There are some really talented chefs out there that make sophisticated, great tasting dishes. Any look at http://atkinschefrecipes.com/ will show that, but I know what I am capable in the kitchen. I have always wanted meals that people could prepare after work and that their whole family would like. Thanks for the very kind words.

  • Lesley

    Hi, thanks for the book, some great recipes. If you bring out another volume could I ask you to reconsider the layout. It would be helpful if all bread recipes , and all poultry recipes, as an example , could be grouped together, as they are in standard cookery books,and not grouped by author. Grouping by author makes it difficult to browse recipes for a particular ingredient you might be wanting to use.

    • admin

      I’ll pass your suggestion along to the publisher. I think one of the reasons it is separated by group as many of readers are following their favorite author into the cookbook, and often purchase the cookbook first and foremost to have their recipes. Then belatedly they start discovering the other cooks and their foods. I will however pass it along and see if they want to incorporate it into volume 3 or 4.

  • Julia G

    Kent, perhaps you get tired of hearing this, but you really are inspirational, and you seem like an incredibly nice person. Thank you for making your videos available to everyone; they make a positive contribution to peoples’ lives!


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