Vote for me — Atkins All Stars Contest!

Atkins Company is having a contest to be 2012 Atkins All Star, and there is a prize for the one that wins.  I have submitted my entry into the contest, and I would appreciate your support by voting for me.  To support me:

  1. Click this link – to vote for me.
  2. You may need to “Like” the contest the first time
  3. Click Vote Now banner (I am on Page 10 if you need to find me.)

You can vote daily in the contest for your favorite candidates.  I have another friend in the contest as well, Margie LowCarb.  She is on Page 9, and is a huge success too.  If you would rather vote for her, I’d encourage you to do that.

Thank you everyone for your past support, and I hope you enjoy the recipe I uploaded today.  One final note given the large number of success story (many long term) posted in the contests, anyone who says that can’t find low carb success stories simply is exposing their bias as opposed to reporting reality.  There are countless low carb success stories, and while they may not all want to put themselves on a pedestal for scrutiny or promote themselves, it does not mean they don’t exist.

2 comments to Vote for me — Atkins All Stars Contest!

  • Gosh I an certainly vouch for the number of Low Carb Success Stories I’ve known and met in the 12 years I’ve been low carbing, Kent!

    I can’t seem to figure out how to get the link to get in?? I’m trying and will also post on my FB page for ya as soon as I figure it out. Good luck. You deserve it my friend!!!

    • admin

      Try this link maybe it will work better: (Cut and Paste it if necessary)

      I am currently in 5th place, which is good. My goal is to make it at least to the second round. I am hoping my story that I wrote could help me win something, but there are lots of well-deserving people in the contest.


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