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I feel guilty that I haven’t been making videos or updates here as I once was. I talked about that in my last video, but I am glad to say the light is definitely at the end of the stress tunnel. Work at Microsoft has been going well. While I have still been working longer hours, I have less stress about the presentations. You give a similar presentation 10 times, and you should eventually get good at it. It helps when you have a good story to tell and have had a chance to see the benefits yourself or better had customers tell you the benefits they saw.  I have even been able to break away during the day and start running again over lunch.

On the topic of running, I have two races in the last three weeks.  When I started at Microsoft, I rapidly recognized two facts.  I had no time to continue my marathon training schedule due to the aforementioned stress and additional work.  My hip, which had been bothering me, was not getting any better.  It would ache after runs and even as I walked around the office.  I asked Tara the pace team coordinator to replace me from the 4 hour 40 minute pace team for the marathon.  She understood and wished me well.  I was a little sad to not be able to participate in the Marathon for the first time in 5 years, but I was going to volunteer to help out that way.  With 4 days prior to the Des Moines Marathon, Tara called me as I was driving back from Omaha.

She asked if I would be willing to run 5:25 pace group on Sunday.  I told her I had not run more than 10 mile run in 8 weeks and probably less than 40 miles in the 8 weeks.  I questioned whether or not I could finish it regardless of the time, but at least we figured out 5:25:00 was roughly 12:30 miles (or ~3 minutes slower than I would run normally).  I said I would try (I know Yoda would be displeased), and I was glad I could help.  My goal was to run – walk, and I asked Tara if she could find someone to help out at mile 17 or 21.  I had helped another marathoner in the previous year who was recovering from appendicitis doing the same thing.  The weather Sunday was awesome and perfect for running.

My Garmin time was 5:24:59:22. In other words, I missed perfect by 78 hundredths of a second. I won’t say my pace was perfect as I still trying to find the groove for 12:24 pace, but kept wanting to run fast (11:45-12:15) despite taking longer or more often walk breaks. I tried my best to motivate others along the way and cajole, encourage, prompt them to start or keep running. In the end, it was a good day, and I met some awesome people and finished.





Yesterday, I ran RCC Run the Woods with my son, Brett.  It’s only 4 miles but features pretty steep hills and numerous fallen trees blocking the path.  Brett did well in the first mile, running it in less than 9  minutes.  However as the hills mounted and ankles were twisted, it became harder and harder.  He did well, and I kept encouraging him whether he liked it or not.  He also beat Tasha’s time when she ran it with me last year.

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    Congrats to you, dude! How great for you.

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