Atkins Diet Product Reviews: Atkins Beef Merlot Frozen Foods

I completed a review of the Atkins Nutritional Chicken Broccoli Alfredo earlier this week.  I liked the quality and the taste of the meal.  It was good, and the chicken pieces were large and not rubbery.  The broccoli florets were bright green, and the right texture (not too limp).  I think these frozen foods could have role in many new comers to the diet menus as they adjust to the lifestyle and for me personally when I travel away from home.

One of the things I had yet to do was to attempt to verify the net carb claim on the package.  In other words, what was the impact of the frozen food on my blood sugar since we have seen many low carb foods prove not to be so low carb.  I didn’t have any reason to doubt Atkins Nutritional given the ingredients, but like a great politician said, “Trust, but Verify.”  With that in mind, I conducted my testing of the third product I received — Beef Merlot.  The picture on the cover gave me hope for big pieces of beef with broccoli florets.  Having had two good meals from Atkins already, I thought my hope was well placed.

In this instance, the product I received was closer to beef stew with broccoli than chunky beef in a dark gravy sauce.  I had 2 good chunks of beef, and the rest was a shredded mixture in the gravy.  The beef was tasty, but what I expected from package.  The broccoli also was not nearly as green as the Broccoli Alfredo.   It was much limper in texture, and dark green.

Overall, the product was OK, but it was my least favorite of the three meals I was sent.  I would be willing to retry the product once officially released to see how big of the beef chunks are in that one.  From an ingredients perspective, this one had a larger portion of modified food starch than the other two, and it also included MSG on the list as well.   It was 6g net carbs overall.  My recommendation if Atkins was listening to me would be to cut the gravy by half or more, which should drop the carb and questionable ingredient amounts, and ensure the beef was more in chunks than loose, shredded.  I might also suggest having a second chamber for the broccoli in this meal as gravy covered-broccoli  is not as appetizing as say Alfredo covered.

From a blood glucose perspective, here were my results:
Pre-Consumption – 87
15 min – 79
30 min – 105
45 min – 101
60 min – 94
75 min – 89

From a size perspective, this one was also about half the size it would take to make me full.

Nutritional Makeup:
Calories: 310
Fat %: 61%
Protein %: 21%
Carbohydrate %: 7%

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