Atkins Diet Product Reviews: Atkins Frozen Food

Atkins Diet Product Reviews: Atkins Nutritional Frozen Food

I was asked by Atkins Nutritional to do a product review on their new lineup of frozen dinners. I am excited by this group of products both for myself and those just starting the Diet. These products are all 6g net carbs or less and should be acceptable for all phases of the diet. I am often asked questions by those just starting who don’t know how to cook and simply want something as easy and quick as they used to eat. Often times, these people fall into hot dogs and green beans syndrome. Where they are eating quick processed foods with little nutrition. I see these meals as a delicious step up from those meals.

Personally, I would use these meals when traveling and as a means to not have to eat out every meal. Often times when traveling, I will have a room fridge with freezer and a microwave, and these would a way to have a good meal whether for breakfast or dinner. If you didn’t feel like cooking, these meals would definitely be a good option.

The only nits I have would be the same nits with any preportioned foods. They are typically “one size fits all” foods, and the meals were a bit small for me. They were good size and value for most, but being active, I would typically have a bit more. I know some will complain about the ingredients in the less 2% area of the ingredients, like potato starch or modified food starch, but I am not concerned for myself. The amounts are minimal, and while I might talk about it in terms of perfection. The meal is certainly no worse than going out and eating those foods.

I really think these foods will benefit a lot of new low carbers who are adjusting to the diet and need an easy way to adopt the lifestyle. I hope though that they’ll learn to make these foods for themselves too in time.

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  • Thanks for a honest review. It seems so strange that one of the most important things in the original Atkins book was learning to read labels and then the people now running Atkins put things in their products that run contrary to Dr. Atkins teachings. But alas I’m sure it all serves a “stable shelf life” purpose or some such. As a long term low carber it sometimes seems like two steps forward, one step back. It is both easier and harder to be low carb these days.

    For the first time in a year I will be back on induction after the holidays… I sabotaged myself with Dreamfield’s pasta (DON’T DO IT PEOPLE, IT’S NOT LOW CARB, THE PACKAGE IS LIES) and gained a bunch of weight and worse than that triggered all the old addictions.

    Oops, I’ve digressed into my own rant. Carry on and keep up the good works.

    • admin

      I too wish it would have been a perfect product, but the good news is that they are at least not extremely lean or out of whack nutritionally speaking. That is a major step for many commercial producers in the era of low fat meals. These are at least as good or better meals than you would get at any restaurant in terms of carbs and ingredients, so that’s my perspective. I might complain about modified food starch but at least it isn’t some claimed starch that has been surrounded with protein to make it indigestible. I sympathize with the rant and would rant too against this product if I thought it deserved it.

      I still wouldn’t though eat out of box myself on a daily basis, but I know others can’t stand to be in the kitchen or haven’t reached that place in their diet yet.

  • Nina

    OK but how do they taste?

    • admin

      Sorry that might have been left on the cutting room floor. I did talk how I liked the big cuts of chicken and big broccoli florets. I think in the video I do mention I think it’s good, and that I liked it. From a taste perspective, it’s not as good as I would make, but it’s as good as I would get from many stores.

    • jade

      Believe me! The foods are so much better than some of the other frozen prepared meals. I am hoping this will not interfere with my diabetic program. I tried the meatloaf with mushrooms, green beans, and other vegetables and it was absolutely delicious!

  • Jan

    Where are these dinners sold?

  • Florida Pat

    I found the tv dinners to be so salty that they are almost inedible.

  • Boston

    Are these meals gluten free?

    • admin

      Some are, but some are not. They are not specifically listed as gluten free, but some state they contain wheat.

  • O senhor podia, por gentileza, sugerir para Atkins Nutricional que os produtos sejam vendidos no Brasil. Não absolutamente nenhum produto Atkins vendido no Brasil e aqui temos muitos, mais muitos seguidores de Atkins ávidos para comprar os produtos da marca.

    Muito Obrigada

    • admin

      I love to hear the spread of people following the Atkins lifestyle. I will mention to my friends in Atkins Nutritional about it, but I am not sure I have that much pull — hundreds of e-mails would likely have more. Thanks though for the note.


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